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35 Players with a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than or equal to 33.79

PlayerHeightHeight in Meters = Height in inches/39.36WeightWeight in Kilos = Weight (lbs)/2.2BMI = Weight in Kilos / Height in Inches2
Bartolo Colon5 feet,11 inches1.80386285129.5454539.75
Prince Fielder5 feet,11 inches1.80386275125.0000038.35
Jumbo Diaz6 feet,4 inches1.93089315143.1818238.34
Walter Young6 feet,5 inches1.95630320145.4545537.94
Dmitri Young6 feet,2 inches1.88008295134.0909137.87
Pablo Sandoval5 feet,11 inches1.80386268121.8181837.37
Tommy Everidge6 feet,0 inches1.82927275125.0000037.29
Jose Mijares5 feet,11 inches1.80386265120.4545536.96
Tom Healey4 feet,7 inches1.3973615570.4545536.02
Jumbo Brown6 feet,4 inches1.93089295134.0909135.90
Brayan Pena5 feet,9 inches1.75305240109.0909135.44
Garland Buckeye6 feet,0 inches1.82927260118.1818235.26
Billy Butler6 feet,0 inches1.82927260118.1818235.26
Luis Jimenez6 feet,3 inches1.90549280127.2727334.99
Dave Orr5 feet,11 inches1.80386250113.6363634.86
Jonathan Broxton6 feet,4 inches1.93089285129.5454534.69
CC Sabathia6 feet,6 inches1.98171300136.3636434.66
Carlos Lee6 feet,2 inches1.88008270122.7272734.66
Jean Machi6 feet,0 inches1.82927255115.9090934.58
Juan Diaz6 feet,2 inches1.88008269122.2727334.53
Edwin Bellorin5 feet,10 inches1.77846240109.0909134.43
Kennys Vargas6 feet,5 inches1.95630290131.8181834.39
Heath Phillips6 feet,3 inches1.90549275125.0000034.37
Bruce Rondon6 feet,3 inches1.90549275125.0000034.37
Chris Britton6 feet,3 inches1.90549275125.0000034.37
Jason Rogers6 feet,1 inches1.85467260118.1818234.30
Raul Chavez5 feet,11 inches1.80386245111.3636434.17
Renyel Pinto6 feet,4 inches1.93089280127.2727334.08
Carlos Silva6 feet,4 inches1.93089280127.2727334.08
Joe Jimenez6 feet,3 inches1.90549272123.6363633.99
Rich Garces6 feet,0 inches1.82927250113.6363633.90
Dan Vogelbach6 feet,0 inches1.82927250113.6363633.90
Jose Molina6 feet,0 inches1.82927250113.6363633.90
Chad Paronto6 feet,5 inches1.95630285129.5454533.79
Tyler Robertson6 feet,5 inches1.95630285129.5454533.79

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