18938 Players with height greater than or equal to 5 feet, 8 inches

Jon Rauch6 feet,11 inches
Andy Sisco6 feet,10 inches
Aaron Slegers6 feet,10 inches
Chris Young6 feet,10 inches
Andrew Brackman6 feet,10 inches
Eric Hillman6 feet,10 inches
Randy Johnson6 feet,10 inches
Mark Hendrickson6 feet,9 inches
John Holdzkom6 feet,9 inches
Adam McCreery6 feet,9 inches
Alex Meyer6 feet,9 inches
Kam Mickolio6 feet,9 inches
Jeff Niemann6 feet,9 inches
Bailey Ober6 feet,9 inches
Johan Quezada6 feet,9 inches
Terry Bross6 feet,9 inches
Johnny Gee6 feet,9 inches
Mark Acre6 feet,8 inches
Michel Baez6 feet,8 inches
Dellin Betances6 feet,8 inches
Darren Clarke6 feet,8 inches
Tony Clark6 feet,8 inches
Gene Conley6 feet,8 inches
Steve Ellsworth6 feet,8 inches
Doug Fister6 feet,8 inches
Brian Flynn6 feet,8 inches
Nate Freiman6 feet,8 inches
Tyler Glasnow6 feet,8 inches
Tayron Guerrero6 feet,8 inches
Lee Guetterman6 feet,8 inches
Johnny Hellweg6 feet,8 inches
Jason Hirsh6 feet,8 inches
Graeme Lloyd6 feet,8 inches
Kameron Loe6 feet,8 inches
Chris Martin6 feet,8 inches
Brandon McCarthy6 feet,8 inches
Trevor Megill6 feet,8 inches
Nate Minchey6 feet,8 inches
Mike Naymick6 feet,8 inches
Jeff Nelson6 feet,8 inches
Logan Ondrusek6 feet,8 inches
Angel Perdomo6 feet,8 inches
Max Povse6 feet,8 inches
J. R. Richard6 feet,8 inches
Stephen Ridings6 feet,8 inches
Adam Russell6 feet,8 inches
Michael Schwimer6 feet,8 inches
Mike Smithson6 feet,8 inches
Kyle Snyder6 feet,8 inches
Phil Stockman6 feet,8 inches
Billy Taylor6 feet,8 inches
Joe Vitko6 feet,8 inches
Chris Volstad6 feet,8 inches
Tyler Wells6 feet,8 inches
Sean West6 feet,8 inches
Stefan Wever6 feet,8 inches
Brad Wieck6 feet,8 inches
Jim Pittsley6 feet,7 inches
Stu Pomeranz6 feet,7 inches
A. J. Puk6 feet,7 inches
Anthony Ranaudo6 feet,7 inches
Dennis Rasmussen6 feet,7 inches
Greg Reynolds6 feet,7 inches
Dick Ricketts6 feet,7 inches
Connor Sadzeck6 feet,7 inches
Bob Scanlan6 feet,7 inches
Mike Schultz6 feet,7 inches
Richie Sexson6 feet,7 inches
Eric Skoglund6 feet,7 inches
Billy Smith6 feet,7 inches
Chad Sobotka6 feet,7 inches
Ryan Speier6 feet,7 inches
Jerry Spradlin6 feet,7 inches
Blake Stein6 feet,7 inches
Tim Stoddard6 feet,7 inches
Rick Sutcliffe6 feet,7 inches
Aaron Taylor6 feet,7 inches
Nate Teut6 feet,7 inches
Mason Thompson6 feet,7 inches
Zach Thompson6 feet,7 inches
George Throop6 feet,7 inches
Michael Tonkin6 feet,7 inches
Adam Wainwright6 feet,7 inches
Jered Weaver6 feet,7 inches
Duke Welker6 feet,7 inches
Desi Wilson6 feet,7 inches
Trey Wingenter6 feet,7 inches
Mike Witt6 feet,7 inches
Michael Ynoa6 feet,7 inches
T. J. Zeuch6 feet,7 inches
Domingo Acevedo6 feet,7 inches
Willie Adams6 feet,7 inches
Elvis Araujo6 feet,7 inches
Billy Ashley6 feet,7 inches
Derek Aucoin6 feet,7 inches
Phillippe Aumont6 feet,7 inches
T. J. Beam6 feet,7 inches
Blake Beavan6 feet,7 inches
Tim Birtsas6 feet,7 inches
Walt Bond6 feet,7 inches
Rich Bordi6 feet,7 inches
Daniel Cabrera6 feet,7 inches
Ben Callahan6 feet,7 inches
John Candelaria6 feet,7 inches
Miguel Castro6 feet,7 inches
Bob Chlupsa6 feet,7 inches
Kyle Cody6 feet,7 inches
Oneil Cruz6 feet,7 inches
Jeff D'Amico6 feet,7 inches
Tom Davey6 feet,7 inches
Bill Davis6 feet,7 inches
John Davis6 feet,7 inches
Dane De La Rosa6 feet,7 inches
Ben Diggins6 feet,7 inches
John Duffie6 feet,7 inches
Eric Eckenstahler6 feet,7 inches
Scott Elarton6 feet,7 inches
John Ericks6 feet,7 inches
Brian Falkenborg6 feet,7 inches
Ben Ford6 feet,7 inches
Marvin Freeman6 feet,7 inches
Rich Gale6 feet,7 inches
Franklyn German6 feet,7 inches
Joel Guzman6 feet,7 inches
Ed Halicki6 feet,7 inches
Aaron Harang6 feet,7 inches
Buddy Harris6 feet,7 inches
Rick Heiserman6 feet,7 inches
Frank Howard6 feet,7 inches
Peter Hoy6 feet,7 inches
Jared Hughes6 feet,7 inches
Bill Hurst6 feet,7 inches
Ron Jackson6 feet,7 inches
Josh Johnson6 feet,7 inches
Taylor Jones6 feet,7 inches
Jeff Juden6 feet,7 inches
Aaron Judge6 feet,7 inches
Phil Klein6 feet,7 inches
Gabe Klobosits6 feet,7 inches
Slim Love6 feet,7 inches
Trystan Magnuson6 feet,7 inches
Chuck Malone6 feet,7 inches
Sean Maloney6 feet,7 inches
Sean Marshall6 feet,7 inches
Kyle Martin6 feet,7 inches
Troy Mattes6 feet,7 inches
Jeff McCurry6 feet,7 inches
Ben McDonald6 feet,7 inches
Slim McGrew6 feet,7 inches
Jim McKee6 feet,7 inches
Tylor Megill6 feet,7 inches
Andrew Miller6 feet,7 inches
Damon Minor6 feet,7 inches
Ryan Minor6 feet,7 inches
Steven Moya6 feet,7 inches
Kyle Muller6 feet,7 inches
Bobby Munoz6 feet,7 inches
Sam Narron6 feet,7 inches
Dustin Nippert6 feet,7 inches
Dave Otto6 feet,7 inches
Tom Parsons6 feet,7 inches
Scott Patterson6 feet,7 inches
Dave Pavlas6 feet,7 inches
Mike Pelfrey6 feet,7 inches
Michael Pineda6 feet,7 inches
Roy Halladay6 feet,6 inches
Dick Hall6 feet,6 inches
Steve Hamilton6 feet,6 inches
Jason Hammel6 feet,6 inches
Craig Hansen6 feet,6 inches
Erik Hanson6 feet,6 inches
Tommy Hanson6 feet,6 inches
Slim Harriss6 feet,6 inches
Corey Hart6 feet,6 inches
Taylor Hearn6 feet,6 inches
Randy Hennis6 feet,6 inches
Rick Henninger6 feet,6 inches
Oscar Henriquez6 feet,6 inches
Sam Hentges6 feet,6 inches
Sam Hinds6 feet,6 inches
Jim Hoey6 feet,6 inches
Gary Holle6 feet,6 inches
Jordan Holloway6 feet,6 inches
James Hoyt6 feet,6 inches
Jimmy Hurst6 feet,6 inches
Mark Hutton6 feet,6 inches
Jason Johnson6 feet,6 inches
Jim Johnson6 feet,6 inches
Mike Jones6 feet,6 inches
Stacy Jones6 feet,6 inches
Taylor Jungmann6 feet,6 inches
Paul Kardow6 feet,6 inches
Charlie Kerfeld6 feet,6 inches
Franklyn Kilome6 feet,6 inches
Dave Kingman6 feet,6 inches
Nellie King6 feet,6 inches
Pete Koegel6 feet,6 inches
Ben Kozlowski6 feet,6 inches
Gary Kroll6 feet,6 inches
Eddie Kunz6 feet,6 inches
John Lackey6 feet,6 inches
Mat Latos6 feet,6 inches
Chris Leroux6 feet,6 inches
Brad Lesley6 feet,6 inches
Jeff Little6 feet,6 inches
Adam Loewen6 feet,6 inches
Carlton Loewer6 feet,6 inches
Derek Lowe6 feet,6 inches
Josh Lucas6 feet,6 inches
Larry Luebbers6 feet,6 inches
Rick Luecken6 feet,6 inches
Daniel Lynch6 feet,6 inches
Ed Lynch6 feet,6 inches
Ryan Madson6 feet,6 inches
Joe Magrane6 feet,6 inches
Joe Mahoney6 feet,6 inches
Matt Manning6 feet,6 inches
Alek Manoah6 feet,6 inches
Sam Marsonek6 feet,6 inches
Jose Martinez6 feet,6 inches
Luis Martinez6 feet,6 inches
Paul Martin6 feet,6 inches
Roger Mason6 feet,6 inches
Justin Masterson6 feet,6 inches
Tom Mastny6 feet,6 inches
John Mayberry6 feet,6 inches
Dustin May6 feet,6 inches
Zach McAllister6 feet,6 inches
Seth McClung6 feet,6 inches
Frank McElyea6 feet,6 inches
Deck McGuire6 feet,6 inches
Brian McNichol6 feet,6 inches
Randy Messenger6 feet,6 inches
Ben Meyer6 feet,6 inches
Jim Minshall6 feet,6 inches
Jordan Montgomery6 feet,6 inches
Eric Moody6 feet,6 inches
Guillermo Mota6 feet,6 inches
Mark Mulder6 feet,6 inches
Scott Munter6 feet,6 inches
Matt Murray6 feet,6 inches
Tommy Nance6 feet,6 inches
Cotton Nash6 feet,6 inches
Dan Naulty6 feet,6 inches
Jimmy Nelson6 feet,6 inches
Alan Newman6 feet,6 inches
John O'Donoghue6 feet,6 inches
Henry Owens6 feet,6 inches
Bill Parsons6 feet,6 inches
Val Pascucci6 feet,6 inches
John Patterson6 feet,6 inches
David Paulino6 feet,6 inches
Jim Pearce6 feet,6 inches
Nate Pearson6 feet,6 inches
CD Pelham6 feet,6 inches
David Peterson6 feet,6 inches
DJ Peters6 feet,6 inches
Billy Petrick6 feet,6 inches
Jason Phillips6 feet,6 inches
Mike Poepping6 feet,6 inches
Cody Ponce6 feet,6 inches
Aaron Poreda6 feet,6 inches
Tim Pugh6 feet,6 inches
Luke Putkonen6 feet,6 inches
Dick Radatz6 feet,6 inches
Steve Rain6 feet,6 inches
Hans Rasmussen6 feet,6 inches
Ron Reed6 feet,6 inches
Chad Reineke6 feet,6 inches
Michael Restovich6 feet,6 inches
Scott Rice6 feet,6 inches
Dustin Richardson6 feet,6 inches
Brad Rigby6 feet,6 inches
Ben Rivera6 feet,6 inches
Jeff Robinson6 feet,6 inches
Jefry Rodriguez6 feet,6 inches
Garry Roggenburk6 feet,6 inches
Seth Rosin6 feet,6 inches
Ryan Rupe6 feet,6 inches
B. J. Ryan6 feet,6 inches
CC Sabathia6 feet,6 inches
Chris Sale6 feet,6 inches
Humberto Sanchez6 feet,6 inches
Mo Sanford6 feet,6 inches
Howie Schultz6 feet,6 inches
Don Schwall6 feet,6 inches
Scott Service6 feet,6 inches
Jose Silva6 feet,6 inches
Alfredo Simon6 feet,6 inches
Carson Smith6 feet,6 inches
Roy Smith6 feet,6 inches
Willie Smith6 feet,6 inches
D. J. Snelten6 feet,6 inches
Scott Snodgress6 feet,6 inches
Jay Spurgeon6 feet,6 inches
Chris Spurling6 feet,6 inches
Joe Stanka6 feet,6 inches
Giancarlo Stanton6 feet,6 inches
Darryl Strawberry6 feet,6 inches
Frank Sullivan6 feet,6 inches
Cy Swaim6 feet,6 inches
Noah Syndergaard6 feet,6 inches
Brian Tallet6 feet,6 inches
Jordan Tata6 feet,6 inches
J. J. Thobe6 feet,6 inches
Tom Thobe6 feet,6 inches
Dick Thoenen6 feet,6 inches
Matt Thornton6 feet,6 inches
Wayne Twitchell6 feet,6 inches
Jim Umbarger6 feet,6 inches
Cecil Upshaw6 feet,6 inches
Chris Van Cuyk6 feet,6 inches
Andrew Vasquez6 feet,6 inches
Bob Veale6 feet,6 inches
Jose Veras6 feet,6 inches
Drew VerHagen6 feet,6 inches
Michael Wacha6 feet,6 inches
Jacob Waguespack6 feet,6 inches
Josh Wall6 feet,6 inches
Jim Weaver6 feet,6 inches
Ryan Webb6 feet,6 inches
Patrick Weigel6 feet,6 inches
Bill Wertz6 feet,6 inches
David West6 feet,6 inches
Jason Wheeler6 feet,6 inches
Tom Wilhelmsen6 feet,6 inches
Dave Winfield6 feet,6 inches
Jamey Wright6 feet,6 inches
Mike Wright6 feet,6 inches
Julio Zuleta6 feet,6 inches
Glenn Abbott6 feet,6 inches
Steve Adkins6 feet,6 inches
Scott Anderson6 feet,6 inches
Bryan Augenstein6 feet,6 inches
Bryan Baker6 feet,6 inches
Jay Baller6 feet,6 inches
Mark Ballinger6 feet,6 inches
Mike Barlow6 feet,6 inches
Rick Bauer6 feet,6 inches
Colter Bean6 feet,6 inches
Pedro Beato6 feet,6 inches
Francis Beltran6 feet,6 inches
Andy Benes6 feet,6 inches
Ewell Blackwell6 feet,6 inches
Kyle Blanks6 feet,6 inches
Ron Blazier6 feet,6 inches
Scott Blewett6 feet,6 inches
Greg Booker6 feet,6 inches
Toby Borland6 feet,6 inches
Akeem Bostick6 feet,6 inches
Brad Brach6 feet,6 inches
Brian Broderick6 feet,6 inches
Connor Brogdon6 feet,6 inches
Andrew Brown6 feet,6 inches
Mike Bruhert6 feet,6 inches
Ty Buttrey6 feet,6 inches
Chris Carpenter6 feet,6 inches
Andrew Cashner6 feet,6 inches
Jose Castillo6 feet,6 inches
Steve Cishek6 feet,6 inches
Steve Cooke6 feet,6 inches
Dan Cortes6 feet,6 inches
Dylan Cozens6 feet,6 inches
Cooper Criswell6 feet,6 inches
Garrett Crochet6 feet,6 inches
Michael Crotta6 feet,6 inches
Steve Curry6 feet,6 inches
Casey Daigle6 feet,6 inches
Claude Davenport6 feet,6 inches
Dave Davenport6 feet,6 inches
Jason Davis6 feet,6 inches
Dave DeBusschere6 feet,6 inches
Mark Dempsey6 feet,6 inches
Ron Diorio6 feet,6 inches
Sean Douglass6 feet,6 inches
Tommy Doyle6 feet,6 inches
Tom Drees6 feet,6 inches
Adam Dunn6 feet,6 inches
Zach Eflin6 feet,6 inches
Brad Eldred6 feet,6 inches
Carlos Estevez6 feet,6 inches
Pete Fairbanks6 feet,6 inches
Anton Falch6 feet,6 inches
Luke Farrell6 feet,6 inches
Scott Feldman6 feet,6 inches
Julian Fernandez6 feet,6 inches
Bob Ferris6 feet,6 inches
Chuck Finley6 feet,6 inches
Jesse Foppert6 feet,6 inches
Dave Frost6 feet,6 inches
Dan Gakeler6 feet,6 inches
Jon Garland6 feet,6 inches
Kyle Gibson6 feet,6 inches
Logan Gilbert6 feet,6 inches
Don Gile6 feet,6 inches
Lucas Giolito6 feet,6 inches
Brian Givens6 feet,6 inches
Roberto Gomez6 feet,6 inches
Ashton Goudeau6 feet,6 inches
Sean Green6 feet,6 inches
Kevin Gregg6 feet,6 inches
Grayson Greiner6 feet,6 inches
Jeremy Griffiths6 feet,6 inches
Mark Gubicza6 feet,6 inches
A. J. Achter6 feet,5 inches
Ed Acosta6 feet,5 inches
Mike Adams6 feet,5 inches
Jim Adduci6 feet,5 inches
Tim Adleman6 feet,5 inches
Jonathan Albaladejo6 feet,5 inches
Santo Alcala6 feet,5 inches
Sandy Alcantara6 feet,5 inches
Antonio Alfonseca6 feet,5 inches
Andy Allanson6 feet,5 inches
Yency Almonte6 feet,5 inches
Sandy Alomar6 feet,5 inches
Tom Alston6 feet,5 inches
Aaron Altherr6 feet,5 inches
Yordan Alvarez6 feet,5 inches
Marcos Armas6 feet,5 inches
Jack Armstrong6 feet,5 inches
Rich Aude6 feet,5 inches
Al Autry6 feet,5 inches
John Axford6 feet,5 inches
Bob Babcock6 feet,5 inches
Burke Badenhop6 feet,5 inches
Mark Bailey6 feet,5 inches
Jack Baker6 feet,5 inches
Len Barker6 feet,5 inches
Jimmy Barthmaier6 feet,5 inches
Chris Bassitt6 feet,5 inches
Denny Bautista6 feet,5 inches
Dave Beard6 feet,5 inches
Ralph Beard6 feet,5 inches
Jim Beattie6 feet,5 inches
Josh Beckett6 feet,5 inches
Robbie Beckett6 feet,5 inches
Dallas Beeler6 feet,5 inches
Rob Bell6 feet,5 inches
Alan Benes6 feet,5 inches
Dave Bennett6 feet,5 inches
Shayne Bennett6 feet,5 inches
Dusty Bergman6 feet,5 inches
Jason Beverlin6 feet,5 inches
Joe Biagini6 feet,5 inches
Jim Bibby6 feet,5 inches
Jesse Biddle6 feet,5 inches
Nick Bierbrodt6 feet,5 inches
Aaron Blair6 feet,5 inches
Dennis Blair6 feet,5 inches
Gil Blanco6 feet,5 inches
Nate Bland6 feet,5 inches
Jabari Blash6 feet,5 inches
Alec Bohm6 feet,5 inches
T. J. Bohn6 feet,5 inches
Eddie Bonine6 feet,5 inches
Chris Bootcheck6 feet,5 inches
Jason Botts6 feet,5 inches
Brian Bowles6 feet,5 inches
Harry Boyles6 feet,5 inches
Gene Brabender6 feet,5 inches
Chad Bradford6 feet,5 inches
Marshall Brant6 feet,5 inches
John Braun6 feet,5 inches
Mike Brewer6 feet,5 inches
Alan Brice6 feet,5 inches
Lewis Brinson6 feet,5 inches
Jim Britton6 feet,5 inches
Tony Brizzolara6 feet,5 inches
Mike Broadway6 feet,5 inches
Doug Brocail6 feet,5 inches
Ike Brookens6 feet,5 inches
Curt Brown6 feet,5 inches
Domonic Brown6 feet,5 inches
Steve Brown6 feet,5 inches
Tom Bruno6 feet,5 inches
Don Bryant6 feet,5 inches
Kris Bryant6 feet,5 inches
Britt Burns6 feet,5 inches
Sheldon Burnside6 feet,5 inches
Ray Burris6 feet,5 inches
Jared Burton6 feet,5 inches
Mike Busch6 feet,5 inches
Bill Butland6 feet,5 inches
Josh Butler6 feet,5 inches
Marty Bystrom6 feet,5 inches
Edward Cabrera6 feet,5 inches
Carter Capps6 feet,5 inches
John Carden6 feet,5 inches
Ryan Carpenter6 feet,5 inches
Cody Carroll6 feet,5 inches
Andy Carter6 feet,5 inches
Larry Carter6 feet,5 inches
Juan Castillo6 feet,5 inches
Simon Castro6 feet,5 inches
Jose Ceda6 feet,5 inches
Rocky Cherry6 feet,5 inches
Matt Childers6 feet,5 inches
Hee-Seop Choi6 feet,5 inches
Clay Christiansen6 feet,5 inches
Gary Christenson6 feet,5 inches
Jason Christiansen6 feet,5 inches
Mike Christopher6 feet,5 inches
Archi Cianfrocco6 feet,5 inches
Mark Clark6 feet,5 inches
Matt Clark6 feet,5 inches
Robert Coello6 feet,5 inches
Hy Cohen6 feet,5 inches
A. J. Cole6 feet,5 inches
Dylan Coleman6 feet,5 inches
Roman Colon6 feet,5 inches
Chuck Connors6 feet,5 inches
Herb Conyers6 feet,5 inches
Andy Cook6 feet,5 inches
Garrett Cooper6 feet,5 inches
Rocky Coppinger6 feet,5 inches
Nate Cornejo6 feet,5 inches
Barry Cort6 feet,5 inches
Tim Costo6 feet,5 inches
Joe Cowley6 feet,5 inches
Casey Cox6 feet,5 inches
Terry Cox6 feet,5 inches
Pete Craig6 feet,5 inches
Steve Crawford6 feet,5 inches
Walker Cress6 feet,5 inches
Kevin Cron6 feet,5 inches
Casey Crosby6 feet,5 inches
John Curtiss6 feet,5 inches
Jordan Danks6 feet,5 inches
Yu Darvish6 feet,5 inches
Joe Davenport6 feet,5 inches
Joel Davis6 feet,5 inches
Rookie Davis6 feet,5 inches
Wade Davis6 feet,5 inches
Bill Dawley6 feet,5 inches
Jose de Jesus6 feet,5 inches
Steve Delabar6 feet,5 inches
Luis de los Santos6 feet,5 inches
Drew Denson6 feet,5 inches
Matt Dermody6 feet,5 inches
Ross Detwiler6 feet,5 inches
Paul Dicken6 feet,5 inches
Brandon Dickson6 feet,5 inches
Tim Dillard6 feet,5 inches
Dave Downs6 feet,5 inches
Cameron Drew6 feet,5 inches
Walt Dropo6 feet,5 inches
Don Drysdale6 feet,5 inches
Jason Dubois6 feet,5 inches
Chris Duncan6 feet,5 inches
Shelley Duncan6 feet,5 inches
Todd Dunn6 feet,5 inches
Allan Dykstra6 feet,5 inches
Paul Edmondson6 feet,5 inches
Jon Edwards6 feet,5 inches
Wayne Edwards6 feet,5 inches
Chris Ellis6 feet,5 inches
Robert Ellis6 feet,5 inches
John Ennis6 feet,5 inches
Cody Eppley6 feet,5 inches
Hal Erickson6 feet,5 inches
Demarcus Evans6 feet,5 inches
Jerry Fahr6 feet,5 inches
Cy Falkenberg6 feet,5 inches
Ed Farmer6 feet,5 inches
C. J. Fick6 feet,5 inches
Gar Finnvold6 feet,5 inches
Maurice Fisher6 feet,5 inches
Cliff Floyd6 feet,5 inches
Dexter Fowler6 feet,5 inches
Jeff Francis6 feet,5 inches
Seth Frankoff6 feet,5 inches
George Frazier6 feet,5 inches
Freddie Freeman6 feet,5 inches
Charlie Furbush6 feet,5 inches
Joey Gallo6 feet,5 inches
Christian Garcia6 feet,5 inches
Amir Garrett6 feet,5 inches
Clarence Garrett6 feet,5 inches
Jason Gilfillan6 feet,5 inches
Hal Gilson6 feet,5 inches
Chris Gissell6 feet,5 inches
Troy Glaus6 feet,5 inches
Roy Gleason6 feet,5 inches
Gary Glover6 feet,5 inches
Koda Glover6 feet,5 inches
Purnal Goldy6 feet,5 inches
Austin Gomber6 feet,5 inches
Stephen Gonsalves6 feet,5 inches
Frank Gracesqui6 feet,5 inches
Bob Greenwood6 feet,5 inches
Dallas Green6 feet,5 inches
Rick Greene6 feet,5 inches
Tommy Greene6 feet,5 inches
Tyler Green6 feet,5 inches
A. J. Griffin6 feet,5 inches
Jason Grilli6 feet,5 inches
Kevin Gross6 feet,5 inches
Kevin Gryboski6 feet,5 inches
Deolis Guerra6 feet,5 inches
Ronald Guzman6 feet,5 inches
Nick Hagadone6 feet,5 inches
Jesse Hahn6 feet,5 inches
John Halama6 feet,5 inches
Justin Haley6 feet,5 inches
Pete Hamm6 feet,5 inches
Eric Hanhold6 feet,5 inches
Greg Hansell6 feet,5 inches
J. A. Happ6 feet,5 inches
Dan Haren6 feet,5 inches
Mike Harkey6 feet,5 inches
Bill Harrelson6 feet,5 inches
Kyle Hart6 feet,5 inches
Geoff Hartlieb6 feet,5 inches
Clint Hartung6 feet,5 inches
Paul Hartzell6 feet,5 inches
Andy Hassler6 feet,5 inches
Marcus Hatley6 feet,5 inches
LaTroy Hawkins6 feet,5 inches
Von Hayes6 feet,5 inches
Fran Healy6 feet,5 inches
Bryan Hebson6 feet,5 inches
Aaron Heilman6 feet,5 inches
Jim Henderson6 feet,5 inches
Tom Henke6 feet,5 inches
Drew Henson6 feet,5 inches
Jeremy Hernandez6 feet,5 inches
David Herndon6 feet,5 inches
Mike Hessman6 feet,5 inches
Codi Heuer6 feet,5 inches
Jason Heyward6 feet,5 inches
Erik Hiljus6 feet,5 inches
Sam Hilliard6 feet,5 inches
Rich Hill6 feet,5 inches
Brett Hinchliffe6 feet,5 inches
Luke Hochevar6 feet,5 inches
Jeff Hoffman6 feet,5 inches
Mario Hollands6 feet,5 inches
Jeff Holly6 feet,5 inches
Brad Holman6 feet,5 inches
Clay Holmes6 feet,5 inches
Chris Hook6 feet,5 inches
Sam Horn6 feet,5 inches
Tanner Houck6 feet,5 inches
Dann Howitt6 feet,5 inches
Bob Howry6 feet,5 inches
Dakota Hudson6 feet,5 inches
Sam Huff6 feet,5 inches
Phil Hughes6 feet,5 inches
Travis Hughes6 feet,5 inches
Ben Hunt6 feet,5 inches
Chad Hutchinson6 feet,5 inches
Steven Jackson6 feet,5 inches
Zach Jackson6 feet,5 inches
Kenley Jansen6 feet,5 inches
Fergie Jenkins6 feet,5 inches
Ubaldo Jimenez6 feet,5 inches
Bart Johnson6 feet,5 inches
Bill Johnson6 feet,5 inches
Dane Johnson6 feet,5 inches
Joel Johnston6 feet,5 inches
Damon Jones6 feet,5 inches
Garrett Jones6 feet,5 inches
Marcus Jones6 feet,5 inches
Nate Jones6 feet,5 inches
Rick Jones6 feet,5 inches
Timothy Jones6 feet,5 inches
Ricky Jordan6 feet,5 inches
Taylor Jordan6 feet,5 inches
Dick Joyce6 feet,5 inches
Eric Junge6 feet,5 inches
Don Kaiser6 feet,5 inches
Brad Keller6 feet,5 inches
Bobby Keppel6 feet,5 inches
Jim Kern6 feet,5 inches
Joe Kerrigan6 feet,5 inches
Darryl Kile6 feet,5 inches
Curtis King6 feet,5 inches
Nick Kingham6 feet,5 inches
Matt Kinney6 feet,5 inches
Chris Knapp6 feet,5 inches
Andy Knox6 feet,5 inches
Mark Knudson6 feet,5 inches
Dick Koecher6 feet,5 inches
Jackson Kowar6 feet,5 inches
Bill Krueger6 feet,5 inches
Mike Krukow6 feet,5 inches
Jairo Labourt6 feet,5 inches
Bob Lacey6 feet,5 inches
Mike LaCoss6 feet,5 inches
Lerrin LaGrow6 feet,5 inches
Bryan LaHair6 feet,5 inches
Joe Lansford6 feet,5 inches
Bill Laskey6 feet,5 inches
Brent Leach6 feet,5 inches
Derrek Lee6 feet,5 inches
Mike Lee6 feet,5 inches
Terry Lee6 feet,5 inches
Phil Leftwich6 feet,5 inches
Randy Lerch6 feet,5 inches
Brian Lesher6 feet,5 inches
Ed Levy6 feet,5 inches
Rommie Lewis6 feet,5 inches
Brad Lidge6 feet,5 inches
Pat Light6 feet,5 inches
Walker Lockett6 feet,5 inches
Boone Logan6 feet,5 inches
Rich Loiselle6 feet,5 inches
Jim Lonborg6 feet,5 inches
Vance Lovelace6 feet,5 inches
Gary Lucas6 feet,5 inches
Joey Lucchesi6 feet,5 inches
Eric Ludwick6 feet,5 inches
Josh Lueke6 feet,5 inches
Mark Lukasiewicz6 feet,5 inches
Matt Luke6 feet,5 inches
Scott Lydy6 feet,5 inches
Jordan Lyles6 feet,5 inches
Lance Lynn6 feet,5 inches
Curt Lyons6 feet,5 inches
Kevin Mahar6 feet,5 inches
Alex Main6 feet,5 inches
Jerry Mallett6 feet,5 inches
Bob Malloy6 feet,5 inches
Sean Manaea6 feet,5 inches
Nick Margevicius6 feet,5 inches
Parker Markel6 feet,5 inches
Jay Marshall6 feet,5 inches
Mike Marshall6 feet,5 inches
Carlos Martinez6 feet,5 inches
Nick Masset6 feet,5 inches
Brian Matusz6 feet,5 inches
Joe Mauer6 feet,5 inches
Brandon Maurer6 feet,5 inches
Trevor May6 feet,5 inches
Dave McCarty6 feet,5 inches
Mike McClendon6 feet,5 inches
Zach McClellan6 feet,5 inches
James McDonald6 feet,5 inches
Jack McDowell6 feet,5 inches
Sam McDowell6 feet,5 inches
Kevin McGlinchy6 feet,5 inches
Kevin McGowan6 feet,5 inches
Mark McGwire6 feet,5 inches
Triston McKenzie6 feet,5 inches
Tony McKnight6 feet,5 inches
Bo McLaughlin6 feet,5 inches
Larry McLean6 feet,5 inches
Marty McLeary6 feet,5 inches
Craig McMurtry6 feet,5 inches
Larry McWilliams6 feet,5 inches
Doc Medich6 feet,5 inches
Phil Meeler6 feet,5 inches
J. C. Mejia6 feet,5 inches
Cliff Melton6 feet,5 inches
Rube Melton6 feet,5 inches
Mike Mendoza6 feet,5 inches
Mark Mercer6 feet,5 inches
Kurt Miller6 feet,5 inches
Paul Miller6 feet,5 inches
Paul Minner6 feet,5 inches
Kevin Mmahat6 feet,5 inches
Joe Moeller6 feet,5 inches
Ed Monroe6 feet,5 inches
Mike Montgomery6 feet,5 inches
Marcus Moore6 feet,5 inches
Matt Morris6 feet,5 inches
Mike Morse6 feet,5 inches
Charlie Morton6 feet,5 inches
Colt Morton6 feet,5 inches
Les Munns6 feet,5 inches
Patrick Murphy6 feet,5 inches
Joe Musgrove6 feet,5 inches
Chris Nabholz6 feet,5 inches
Jim Nash6 feet,5 inches
Blaine Neal6 feet,5 inches
Ron Necciai6 feet,5 inches
Dan Neumeier6 feet,5 inches
Sean Newcomb6 feet,5 inches
Ray Newman6 feet,5 inches
Tom Niedenfuer6 feet,5 inches
Ivan Nova6 feet,5 inches
Roberto Novoa6 feet,5 inches
Ed Nunez6 feet,5 inches
Vladimir Nunez6 feet,5 inches
Mike Ohlman6 feet,5 inches
John Olerud6 feet,5 inches
Matt Olson6 feet,5 inches
Jimmy Osting6 feet,5 inches
Corey Oswalt6 feet,5 inches
Adam Ottavino6 feet,5 inches
Johan Oviedo6 feet,5 inches
Micah Owings6 feet,5 inches
Chris Paddack6 feet,5 inches
Jonathan Papelbon6 feet,5 inches
Mark Parent6 feet,5 inches
Dave Parker6 feet,5 inches
Chad Paronto6 feet,5 inches
Wes Parsons6 feet,5 inches
Curtis Partch6 feet,5 inches
Carl Pavano6 feet,5 inches
Carlos Peguero6 feet,5 inches
Elvis Peguero6 feet,5 inches
Dave Pember6 feet,5 inches
Juan Pena6 feet,5 inches
Brad Pennington6 feet,5 inches
Cameron Perkins6 feet,5 inches
Ryan Perry6 feet,5 inches
Ray Peters6 feet,5 inches
Andy Pettitte6 feet,5 inches
Jonathan Pettibone6 feet,5 inches
Calvin Pickering6 feet,5 inches
Greg Pirkl6 feet,5 inches
Marc Pisciotta6 feet,5 inches
Nick Pivetta6 feet,5 inches
Dan Plesac6 feet,5 inches
Eric Plunk6 feet,5 inches
Gregory Polanco6 feet,5 inches
John Poloni6 feet,5 inches
Drew Pomeranz6 feet,5 inches
Rick Porcello6 feet,5 inches
Brooks Pounders6 feet,5 inches
Jeremy Powell6 feet,5 inches
John Pregenzer6 feet,5 inches
David Price6 feet,5 inches
Mark Prior6 feet,5 inches
David Purcey6 feet,5 inches
J. J. Putz6 feet,5 inches
John Pyecha6 feet,5 inches
Al Raffo6 feet,5 inches
Dave Rajsich6 feet,5 inches
Carlos Ramirez6 feet,5 inches
J. C. Ramirez6 feet,5 inches
Robert Ramsay6 feet,5 inches
Clay Rapada6 feet,5 inches
Gene Ratliff6 feet,5 inches
Colin Rea6 feet,5 inches
Frank Reberger6 feet,5 inches
Mark Redman6 feet,5 inches
Cody Reed6 feet,5 inches
Bill Reeder6 feet,5 inches
Brian Reith6 feet,5 inches
Chris Reitsma6 feet,5 inches
Steve Renko6 feet,5 inches
Andy Replogle6 feet,5 inches
Jerry Reuss6 feet,5 inches
Franmil Reyes6 feet,5 inches
Victor Reyes6 feet,5 inches
Matt Reynolds6 feet,5 inches
Clayton Richard6 feet,5 inches
Scott Richmond6 feet,5 inches
Paul Rigdon6 feet,5 inches
Alex Rios6 feet,5 inches
Eppa Rixey6 feet,5 inches
Jake Robbins6 feet,5 inches
Tyler Robertson6 feet,5 inches
Clint Robinson6 feet,5 inches
Chaz Roe6 feet,5 inches
Mike Roesler6 feet,5 inches
Trevor Rogers6 feet,5 inches
Les Rohr6 feet,5 inches
Nate Rolison6 feet,5 inches
Jordan Romano6 feet,5 inches
Sal Romano6 feet,5 inches
Wayne Rosenthal6 feet,5 inches
Tyson Ross6 feet,5 inches
Rich Rundles6 feet,5 inches
Kyle Ryan6 feet,5 inches
Roger Salkeld6 feet,5 inches
Roger Samuels6 feet,5 inches
Romulo Sanchez6 feet,5 inches
Scott Sanderson6 feet,5 inches
Domingo Santana6 feet,5 inches
Tayler Saucedo6 feet,5 inches
Mark Schaeffer6 feet,5 inches
Jeff Schattinger6 feet,5 inches
Curt Schilling6 feet,5 inches
Calvin Schiraldi6 feet,5 inches
Curt Schmidt6 feet,5 inches
Jason Schmidt6 feet,5 inches
Jeff Schmidt6 feet,5 inches
Pete Schourek6 feet,5 inches
Erik Schullstrom6 feet,5 inches
Blackie Schwamb6 feet,5 inches
Jeff Schwarz6 feet,5 inches
Todd Sears6 feet,5 inches
Fernando Seguignol6 feet,5 inches
Aaron Sele6 feet,5 inches
Todd Self6 feet,5 inches
Kevin Shackelford6 feet,5 inches
Josh Sharpless6 feet,5 inches
Ryan Shealy6 feet,5 inches
Gavin Sheets6 feet,5 inches
Steve Shields6 feet,5 inches
Anthony Shumaker6 feet,5 inches
Kevin Siegrist6 feet,5 inches
Brady Singer6 feet,5 inches
Dan Slania6 feet,5 inches
Doug Slaten6 feet,5 inches
Aaron Small6 feet,5 inches
Dan Smith6 feet,5 inches
Dick Smith6 feet,5 inches
Jake Smith6 feet,5 inches
Lee Smith6 feet,5 inches
Matt Smith6 feet,5 inches
Will Smith6 feet,5 inches
Scott Sobkowiak6 feet,5 inches
Sammy Solis6 feet,5 inches
Mike Soroka6 feet,5 inches
Zeke Spruill6 feet,5 inches
Scott Stahoviak6 feet,5 inches
Jacob Stallings6 feet,5 inches
Tracy Stallard6 feet,5 inches
Dave Staton6 feet,5 inches
Gene Stechschulte6 feet,5 inches
Kennie Steenstra6 feet,5 inches
Jeff Stember6 feet,5 inches
Trevor Stephan6 feet,5 inches
Mitch Stetter6 feet,5 inches
R C Stevens6 feet,5 inches
Carl Stimson6 feet,5 inches
Pat Strange6 feet,5 inches
Stephen Strasburg6 feet,5 inches
Monty Stratton6 feet,5 inches
Oscar Streit6 feet,5 inches
Tanyon Sturtze6 feet,5 inches
Eric Surkamp6 feet,5 inches
Jason Szuminski6 feet,5 inches
Jameson Taillon6 feet,5 inches
Ty Taubenheim6 feet,5 inches
Josh Taylor6 feet,5 inches
Michael Taylor6 feet,5 inches
Carl Thomas6 feet,5 inches
Frank Thomas6 feet,5 inches
Roy Thomas6 feet,5 inches
Ryan Thompson6 feet,5 inches
Erick Threets6 feet,5 inches
Chris Tillman6 feet,5 inches
Mike Torrez6 feet,5 inches
Billy Traber6 feet,5 inches
Blake Treinen6 feet,5 inches
Lou Trivino6 feet,5 inches
Bob Tufts6 feet,5 inches
Jacob Turner6 feet,5 inches
Matt Turner6 feet,5 inches
Turkey Tyson6 feet,5 inches
Henry Urrutia6 feet,5 inches
Ty Van Burkleo6 feet,5 inches
Rick van den Hurk6 feet,5 inches
Todd Van Poppel6 feet,5 inches
Ben VanRyn6 feet,5 inches
Kennys Vargas6 feet,5 inches
John Verhoeven6 feet,5 inches
Justin Verlander6 feet,5 inches
Matt Wagner6 feet,5 inches
Jordan Walden6 feet,5 inches
Kyle Waldrop6 feet,5 inches
Ed Walker6 feet,5 inches
Jeremy Walker6 feet,5 inches
Mike Walters6 feet,5 inches
Dick Wantz6 feet,5 inches
Curt Wardle6 feet,5 inches
David Washington6 feet,5 inches
Steve Waterbury6 feet,5 inches
Eric Weaver6 feet,5 inches
Jeff Weaver6 feet,5 inches
Tyler Webb6 feet,5 inches
Neil Weber6 feet,5 inches
Bill Wegman6 feet,5 inches
Carl Weilman6 feet,5 inches
Greg Wells6 feet,5 inches
Randy Wells6 feet,5 inches
Jayson Werth6 feet,5 inches
Wes Whisler6 feet,5 inches
Larry White6 feet,5 inches
Garrett Whitlock6 feet,5 inches
Matt Wieters6 feet,5 inches
Don Williams6 feet,5 inches
Stan Williams6 feet,5 inches
Paul Wilson6 feet,5 inches
Blake Wood6 feet,5 inches
Kerry Wood6 feet,5 inches
Clarence Woods6 feet,5 inches
Dick Woodson6 feet,5 inches
Pinky Woods6 feet,5 inches
Brandon Workman6 feet,5 inches
Todd Worrell6 feet,5 inches
Dan Wright6 feet,5 inches
Jim Wright6 feet,5 inches
Kelly Wunsch6 feet,5 inches
Ryan Yarbrough6 feet,5 inches
Gus Yost6 feet,5 inches
Jason Young6 feet,5 inches
Walter Young6 feet,5 inches
Pat Zachry6 feet,5 inches
Jeff Zaske6 feet,5 inches
Renyel Pinto6 feet,4 inches
Stephen Piscotty6 feet,4 inches
Gordie Pladson6 feet,4 inches
Tim Plodinec6 feet,4 inches
Zach Pop6 feet,4 inches
Boog Powell6 feet,4 inches
Jay Powell6 feet,4 inches
Ted Power6 feet,4 inches
Bryan Price6 feet,4 inches
Joe Price6 feet,4 inches
Don Prince6 feet,4 inches
Chris Pritchett6 feet,4 inches
Stephen Pryor6 feet,4 inches
Matt Purke6 feet,4 inches
Ambrose Puttmann6 feet,4 inches
Kevin Quackenbush6 feet,4 inches
Chad Qualls6 feet,4 inches
Jamie Quirk6 feet,4 inches
Steve Rachunok6 feet,4 inches
Brady Raggio6 feet,4 inches
Eric Raich6 feet,4 inches
Luke Raley6 feet,4 inches
Neil Ramirez6 feet,4 inches
Nick Ramirez6 feet,4 inches
Yohan Ramirez6 feet,4 inches
Edgar Ramos6 feet,4 inches
Ribs Raney6 feet,4 inches
Jon Ratliff6 feet,4 inches
Bob Rauch6 feet,4 inches
Josh Ravin6 feet,4 inches
Curt Raydon6 feet,4 inches
Addison Reed6 feet,4 inches
A. J. Reed6 feet,4 inches
Evan Reed6 feet,4 inches
Keith Reed6 feet,4 inches
Nolan Reimold6 feet,4 inches
Paul Reuschel6 feet,4 inches
Dave Revering6 feet,4 inches
Alex Reyes6 feet,4 inches
Rusty Richards6 feet,4 inches
Dave Righetti6 feet,4 inches
Jeff Rineer6 feet,4 inches
Cal Ripken6 feet,4 inches
Jay Ritchie6 feet,4 inches
Kevin Ritz6 feet,4 inches
Jason Roach6 feet,4 inches
Bert Roberge6 feet,4 inches
Dale Roberts6 feet,4 inches
Kevin Roberson6 feet,4 inches
Rich Robertson6 feet,4 inches
Don Robinson6 feet,4 inches
Jeff Robinson6 feet,4 inches
Ron Robinson6 feet,4 inches
Mike Rochford6 feet,4 inches
John Rocker6 feet,4 inches
Aneury Rodriguez6 feet,4 inches
Richard Rodriguez6 feet,4 inches
Brian Rogers6 feet,4 inches
Scott Rolen6 feet,4 inches
Bill Roman6 feet,4 inches
Jim Romano6 feet,4 inches
Ron Romanick6 feet,4 inches
Ramon Romero6 feet,4 inches
Rafael Roque6 feet,4 inches
Steve Roser6 feet,4 inches
Cliff Ross6 feet,4 inches
Joe Ross6 feet,4 inches
Ramon Rosso6 feet,4 inches
Ben Rowen6 feet,4 inches
Schoolboy Rowe6 feet,4 inches
Dave Rozema6 feet,4 inches
Scott Ruffcorn6 feet,4 inches
Dan Runzler6 feet,4 inches
Bob Rush6 feet,4 inches
James Russell6 feet,4 inches
Jeff Russell6 feet,4 inches
Dusty Ryan6 feet,4 inches
Brian Sackinsky6 feet,4 inches
Ryan Sadowski6 feet,4 inches
A. J. Sager6 feet,4 inches
Jarrod Saltalamacchia6 feet,4 inches
Manny Salvo6 feet,4 inches
Jeff Samardzija6 feet,4 inches
Aaron Sanchez6 feet,4 inches
Scott Sanders6 feet,4 inches
Jerry Sands6 feet,4 inches
Miguel Sano6 feet,4 inches
Sergio Santos6 feet,4 inches
Dennis Sarfate6 feet,4 inches
Kazuhiro Sasaki6 feet,4 inches
Michael Saunders6 feet,4 inches
Rich Sauveur6 feet,4 inches
Jay Sborz6 feet,4 inches
Joe Schaffernoth6 feet,4 inches
Bill Schardt6 feet,4 inches
Tanner Scheppers6 feet,4 inches
Bill Scherrer6 feet,4 inches
Travis Schlichting6 feet,4 inches
Gus Schlosser6 feet,4 inches
Al Schmelz6 feet,4 inches
Ron Schueler6 feet,4 inches
Dave Schuler6 feet,4 inches
Wayne Schurr6 feet,4 inches
Mike Schwabe6 feet,4 inches
Andre Scrubb6 feet,4 inches
Scott Seabol6 feet,4 inches
Corey Seager6 feet,4 inches
Kim Seaman6 feet,4 inches
Chris Seddon6 feet,4 inches
Shawn Sedlacek6 feet,4 inches
Chris Seelbach6 feet,4 inches
Herman Segelke6 feet,4 inches
Elmer Sexauer6 feet,4 inches
Harvey Shank6 feet,4 inches
Chris Shaw6 feet,4 inches
Travis Shaw6 feet,4 inches
Tom Shearn6 feet,4 inches
Rollie Sheldon6 feet,4 inches
Steven Shell6 feet,4 inches
Ron Shepherd6 feet,4 inches
Joe Shipley6 feet,4 inches
Ernie Shore6 feet,4 inches
Chris Short6 feet,4 inches
Chasen Shreve6 feet,4 inches
Carlos Silva6 feet,4 inches
Mike Simms6 feet,4 inches
Allan Simpson6 feet,4 inches
Dick Simpson6 feet,4 inches
Bill Singer6 feet,4 inches
Ken Singleton6 feet,4 inches
Dave Sisler6 feet,4 inches
Jim Siwy6 feet,4 inches
Tyler Skaggs6 feet,4 inches
Bob Skinner6 feet,4 inches
Joel Skinner6 feet,4 inches
Kyle Skipworth6 feet,4 inches
Matt Skole6 feet,4 inches
John Slappey6 feet,4 inches
Bill Slayback6 feet,4 inches
Joe Slusarski6 feet,4 inches
John Smiley6 feet,4 inches
Brick Smith6 feet,4 inches
Burch Smith6 feet,4 inches
Dar Smith6 feet,4 inches
Jake Smith6 feet,4 inches
Kevan Smith6 feet,4 inches
Stephen Smitherman6 feet,4 inches
Tommy Smith6 feet,4 inches
Justin Smoak6 feet,4 inches
Cy Sneed6 feet,4 inches
Blake Snell6 feet,4 inches
Nate Snell6 feet,4 inches
Chris Snyder6 feet,4 inches
Cory Snyder6 feet,4 inches
Nick Snyder6 feet,4 inches
Jorge Soler6 feet,4 inches
Peter Solomon6 feet,4 inches
Rafael Soriano6 feet,4 inches
Steven Souza6 feet,4 inches
Steve Sparks6 feet,4 inches
Cliff Speck6 feet,4 inches
Justin Speier6 feet,4 inches
Bob Spence6 feet,4 inches
Stan Spencer6 feet,4 inches
Ed Sprague6 feet,4 inches
Russ Springer6 feet,4 inches
George Stablein6 feet,4 inches
Ryne Stanek6 feet,4 inches
Bob Stanley6 feet,4 inches
Matt Stark6 feet,4 inches
Bubba Starling6 feet,4 inches
Drew Steckenrider6 feet,4 inches
Randy Stein6 feet,4 inches
Rick Steirer6 feet,4 inches
Steve Stemle6 feet,4 inches
Bryan Stephens6 feet,4 inches
Buzz Stephen6 feet,4 inches
Garrett Stephenson6 feet,4 inches
Tyler Stephenson6 feet,4 inches
Lee Stevens6 feet,4 inches
Chris Stewart6 feet,4 inches
Josh Stinson6 feet,4 inches
Dean Stone6 feet,4 inches
Mike Strahler6 feet,4 inches
Dick Stuart6 feet,4 inches
Drew Stubbs6 feet,4 inches
Dick Such6 feet,4 inches
Wander Suero6 feet,4 inches
Haywood Sullivan6 feet,4 inches
Marc Sullivan6 feet,4 inches
Gordie Sundin6 feet,4 inches
Brent Suter6 feet,4 inches
Darrell Sutherland6 feet,4 inches
Russ Swan6 feet,4 inches
Anthony Swarzak6 feet,4 inches
Ryan Sweeney6 feet,4 inches
Ed Taubensee6 feet,4 inches
Michael Taylor6 feet,4 inches
Kent Tekulve6 feet,4 inches
Amaury Telemaco6 feet,4 inches
Rowdy Tellez6 feet,4 inches
John Tener6 feet,4 inches
Nick Tepesch6 feet,4 inches
Bob Tewksbury6 feet,4 inches
George Theodore6 feet,4 inches
Dave Thies6 feet,4 inches
Brad Thomas6 feet,4 inches
Ian Thomas6 feet,4 inches
Tom Thomas6 feet,4 inches
Jim Thome6 feet,4 inches
Jason Thompson6 feet,4 inches
Jason Thompson6 feet,4 inches
Jake Thompson6 feet,4 inches
Justin Thompson6 feet,4 inches
Mike Thompson6 feet,4 inches
Taylor Thompson6 feet,4 inches
Mike Thurman6 feet,4 inches
Dick Tidrow6 feet,4 inches
Bob Tillman6 feet,4 inches
Mike Timlin6 feet,4 inches
Tom Timmermann6 feet,4 inches
Jesus Tinoco6 feet,4 inches
Brett Tomko6 feet,4 inches
Ron Tompkins6 feet,4 inches
Tommy Toms6 feet,4 inches
Justin Topa6 feet,4 inches
Frank Torre6 feet,4 inches
Bill Travers6 feet,4 inches
Andrew Triggs6 feet,4 inches
Nick Tropeano6 feet,4 inches
Steve Trout6 feet,4 inches
Bob Troy6 feet,4 inches
Mark Trumbo6 feet,4 inches
Kyle Tucker6 feet,4 inches
Nik Turley6 feet,4 inches
Jim Umbricht6 feet,4 inches
Jose Valdez6 feet,4 inches
Ellis Valentine6 feet,4 inches
Jose Valverde6 feet,4 inches
John Van Benschoten6 feet,4 inches
Hy Vandenberg6 feet,4 inches
Scott Van Slyke6 feet,4 inches
Andy Varga6 feet,4 inches
Claudio Vargas6 feet,4 inches
Eddie Vargas6 feet,4 inches
Hippo Vaughn6 feet,4 inches
Donnie Veal6 feet,4 inches
Jamie Vermilyea6 feet,4 inches
Sam Vico6 feet,4 inches
Bob Vines6 feet,4 inches
Frank Viola6 feet,4 inches
Ryan Vogelsong6 feet,4 inches
Bill Voiselle6 feet,4 inches
Pete Vuckovich6 feet,4 inches
Doug Waechter6 feet,4 inches
Gary Wagner6 feet,4 inches
Ryan Wagner6 feet,4 inches
Dick Wakefield6 feet,4 inches
Kevin Walker6 feet,4 inches
Taijuan Walker6 feet,4 inches
Charlie Walters6 feet,4 inches
Dan Walters6 feet,4 inches
Gene Walter6 feet,4 inches
P. J. Walters6 feet,4 inches
Chien-Ming Wang6 feet,4 inches
Andrew Wantz6 feet,4 inches
Duane Ward6 feet,4 inches
Preston Ward6 feet,4 inches
Gary Waslewski6 feet,4 inches
Dusty Wathan6 feet,4 inches
Steve Watkins6 feet,4 inches
Mark Watson6 feet,4 inches
Floyd Weaver6 feet,4 inches
Ben Weber6 feet,4 inches
Mike Wegener6 feet,4 inches
Dave Wehrmeister6 feet,4 inches
Bob Weiland6 feet,4 inches
Kyle Weiland6 feet,4 inches
Don Welchel6 feet,4 inches
Bob Wellman6 feet,4 inches
Jared Wells6 feet,4 inches
Lee Wheat6 feet,4 inches
Zack Wheeler6 feet,4 inches
Aaron Whitefield6 feet,4 inches
Rick White6 feet,4 inches
Sean Whiteside6 feet,4 inches
Sean White6 feet,4 inches
Chase Whitley6 feet,4 inches
Jimmy Wiggs6 feet,4 inches
Albert Williams6 feet,4 inches
Carl Willis6 feet,4 inches
Mac Williamson6 feet,4 inches
Kris Wilson6 feet,4 inches
Steve Wilson6 feet,4 inches
Walter Wilson6 feet,4 inches
Alan Wirth6 feet,4 inches
Matt Wise6 feet,4 inches
Whitey Wistert6 feet,4 inches
Jay Witasick6 feet,4 inches
Kevin Witt6 feet,4 inches
Mark Wohlers6 feet,4 inches
Asher Wojciechowski6 feet,4 inches
Alex Wood6 feet,4 inches
Steve Woodard6 feet,4 inches
Jake Woodford6 feet,4 inches
Brandon Woodruff6 feet,4 inches
Tim Worrell6 feet,4 inches
Kyle Wright6 feet,4 inches
Esteban Yan6 feet,4 inches
Tyler Yates6 feet,4 inches
Shane Youman6 feet,4 inches
Cliff Young6 feet,4 inches
Danny Young6 feet,4 inches
Carl Yowell6 feet,4 inches
Carlos Zambrano6 feet,4 inches
Norm Zauchin6 feet,4 inches
Josh Zeid6 feet,4 inches
Brad Ziegler6 feet,4 inches
Bradley Zimmer6 feet,4 inches
Bob Zupcic6 feet,4 inches
George Zuverink6 feet,4 inches
Kyle Abbott6 feet,4 inches
Ted Abernathy6 feet,4 inches
Tom Acker6 feet,4 inches
Manny Acosta6 feet,4 inches
Joel Adamson6 feet,4 inches
Lane Adams6 feet,4 inches
Riley Adams6 feet,4 inches
Willie Adams6 feet,4 inches
Joe Adcock6 feet,4 inches
Nathan Adcock6 feet,4 inches
Troy Afenir6 feet,4 inches
Jeremy Affeldt6 feet,4 inches
Rick Aguilera6 feet,4 inches
Hank Aguirre6 feet,4 inches
Danny Ainge6 feet,4 inches
R. J. Alaniz6 feet,4 inches
Raul Alcantara6 feet,4 inches
Scott Aldred6 feet,4 inches
A. J. Alexy6 feet,4 inches
Dusty Allen6 feet,4 inches
George Altman6 feet,4 inches
Bob Anderson6 feet,4 inches
Brett Anderson6 feet,4 inches
Cody Anderson6 feet,4 inches
Lars Anderson6 feet,4 inches
Matt Anderson6 feet,4 inches
Nick Anderson6 feet,4 inches
Shaun Anderson6 feet,4 inches
John Andre6 feet,4 inches
Tejay Antone6 feet,4 inches
Sherten Apostel6 feet,4 inches
Aristides Aquino6 feet,4 inches
Tony Armas6 feet,4 inches
Brad Arnsberg6 feet,4 inches
Jake Arrieta6 feet,4 inches
Rolando Arrojo6 feet,4 inches
Alec Asher6 feet,4 inches
Keith Atherton6 feet,4 inches
Mitch Atkins6 feet,4 inches
Rick Austin6 feet,4 inches
Steve Avery6 feet,4 inches
Bob Ayrault6 feet,4 inches
Cha-Seung Baek6 feet,4 inches
Homer Bailey6 feet,4 inches
Bob Baird6 feet,4 inches
Scott Baker6 feet,4 inches
Rocco Baldelli6 feet,4 inches
Alberto Baldonado6 feet,4 inches
John Bale6 feet,4 inches
Collin Balester6 feet,4 inches
Jett Bandy6 feet,4 inches
Wes Bankston6 feet,4 inches
Lorenzo Barcelo6 feet,4 inches
Daniel Bard6 feet,4 inches
Matt Barnes6 feet,4 inches
Rich Barnes6 feet,4 inches
Scott Barnes6 feet,4 inches
Jake Barrett6 feet,4 inches
Jose Barrios6 feet,4 inches
Steve Barr6 feet,4 inches
Rich Barry6 feet,4 inches
Aaron Bates6 feet,4 inches
Chris Batton6 feet,4 inches
Mike Baumann6 feet,4 inches
Billy Beane6 feet,4 inches
Gary Beare6 feet,4 inches
Chad Beck6 feet,4 inches
Kevin Beirne6 feet,4 inches
Cody Bellinger6 feet,4 inches
Jerry Bell6 feet,4 inches
Josh Bell6 feet,4 inches
Anthony Bender6 feet,4 inches
Armando Benitez6 feet,4 inches
Joaquin Benoit6 feet,4 inches
Kris Benson6 feet,4 inches
Al Benton6 feet,4 inches
Sean Bergman6 feet,4 inches
Adam Bernero6 feet,4 inches
Karl Best6 feet,4 inches
Phil Bickford6 feet,4 inches
Randor Bierd6 feet,4 inches
Larry Bigbie6 feet,4 inches
Jack Billingham6 feet,4 inches
Doug Bird6 feet,4 inches
Greg Bird6 feet,4 inches
Joe Bisenius6 feet,4 inches
Jim Blackburn6 feet,4 inches
Nick Blackburn6 feet,4 inches
Vic Black6 feet,4 inches
Jerry Blevins6 feet,4 inches
Larry Boerner6 feet,4 inches
Brennan Boesch6 feet,4 inches
Mitchell Boggs6 feet,4 inches
Warren Bogle6 feet,4 inches
Bill Bolden6 feet,4 inches
Bobby Bolin6 feet,4 inches
Greg Bollo6 feet,4 inches
Cecil Bolton6 feet,4 inches
Bill Bonness6 feet,4 inches
Boof Bonser6 feet,4 inches
Joe Borchard6 feet,4 inches
Glenn Borgmann6 feet,4 inches
Ryan Borucki6 feet,4 inches
Justin Bour6 feet,4 inches
James Bourque6 feet,4 inches
Ben Bowden6 feet,4 inches
Shane Bowers6 feet,4 inches
Micah Bowie6 feet,4 inches
Gary Boyd6 feet,4 inches
Doe Boyland6 feet,4 inches
Jack Boyle6 feet,4 inches
Archie Bradley6 feet,4 inches
Ryan Bradley6 feet,4 inches
Russell Branyan6 feet,4 inches
Dewon Brazelton6 feet,4 inches
Sid Bream6 feet,4 inches
Brent Brede6 feet,4 inches
Fred Breining6 feet,4 inches
Brandon Brennan6 feet,4 inches
Colten Brewer6 feet,4 inches
Jamie Brewington6 feet,4 inches
Austin Brice6 feet,4 inches
Parker Bridwell6 feet,4 inches
Lou Brissie6 feet,4 inches
Aaron Brooks6 feet,4 inches
Jim Brosnan6 feet,4 inches
Daren Brown6 feet,4 inches
Jumbo Brown6 feet,4 inches
Kevin Brown6 feet,4 inches
Keith Brown6 feet,4 inches
Jonathan Broxton6 feet,4 inches
Duff Brumley6 feet,4 inches
Tom Brunansky6 feet,4 inches
Will Brunson6 feet,4 inches
Billy Bryan6 feet,4 inches
T. R. Bryden6 feet,4 inches
Brian Buchanan6 feet,4 inches
Ryan Buchter6 feet,4 inches
Jason Bulger6 feet,4 inches
Bryan Bullington6 feet,4 inches
Madison Bumgarner6 feet,4 inches
Bill Burbach6 feet,4 inches
Dave Burba6 feet,4 inches
Enrique Burgos6 feet,4 inches
Enrique Burgos6 feet,4 inches
Brock Burke6 feet,4 inches
Greg Burke6 feet,4 inches
John Burke6 feet,4 inches
Mack Burk6 feet,4 inches
A. J. Burnett6 feet,4 inches
Pat Burrell6 feet,4 inches
Ryan Burr6 feet,4 inches
Mike Busby6 feet,4 inches
Ray Busse6 feet,4 inches
John Butcher6 feet,4 inches
Cecil Butler6 feet,4 inches
Mike Bynum6 feet,4 inches
Enos Cabell6 feet,4 inches
Alberto Cabrera6 feet,4 inches
Fernando Cabrera6 feet,4 inches
Francisco Cabrera6 feet,4 inches
Miguel Cabrera6 feet,4 inches
Wayne Cage6 feet,4 inches
Trevor Cahill6 feet,4 inches
Dick Calmus6 feet,4 inches
Arquimedes Caminero6 feet,4 inches
Jose Canseco6 feet,4 inches
Jose Capellan6 feet,4 inches
Pat Caraway6 feet,4 inches
Don Cardwell6 feet,4 inches
Paul Carey6 feet,4 inches
Shane Carle6 feet,4 inches
Steve Carlton6 feet,4 inches
Roberto Hernandez6 feet,4 inches
Chris Carpenter6 feet,4 inches
Matt Carpenter6 feet,4 inches
Carlos Carrasco6 feet,4 inches
D. J. Carrasco6 feet,4 inches
Scott Carroll6 feet,4 inches
Robert Carson6 feet,4 inches
Chris Carter6 feet,4 inches
Steve Carter6 feet,4 inches
Marcos Carvajal6 feet,4 inches
Chuck Cary6 feet,4 inches
Paul Casanova6 feet,4 inches
Sean Casey6 feet,4 inches
Nick Castellanos6 feet,4 inches
Ryan Castellani6 feet,4 inches
Tony Castillo6 feet,4 inches
Hardin Cathey6 feet,4 inches
Blake Cederlind6 feet,4 inches
Pete Center6 feet,4 inches
Al Chambers6 feet,4 inches
Jim Chamblee6 feet,4 inches
Bill Champion6 feet,4 inches
Aroldis Chapman6 feet,4 inches
Frank Charles6 feet,4 inches
Larry Christenson6 feet,4 inches
Tony Cingrani6 feet,4 inches
Jim Clancy6 feet,4 inches
Jerald Clark6 feet,4 inches
Mike Clark6 feet,4 inches
Taylor Clarke6 feet,4 inches
Marty Clary6 feet,4 inches
Mark Clear6 feet,4 inches
Roger Clemens6 feet,4 inches
Chris Clemons6 feet,4 inches
Donn Clendenon6 feet,4 inches
Mike Clevinger6 feet,4 inches
Bryan Clutterbuck6 feet,4 inches
Jim Coates6 feet,4 inches
Jaime Cocanower6 feet,4 inches
Todd Coffey6 feet,4 inches
Dave Coggin6 feet,4 inches
Chris Colabello6 feet,4 inches
Vince Colbert6 feet,4 inches
Gerrit Cole6 feet,4 inches
Louis Coleman6 feet,4 inches
Steve Colyer6 feet,4 inches
Steve Connelly6 feet,4 inches
Jose Contreras6 feet,4 inches
Danny Coombs6 feet,4 inches
Sherman Corbett6 feet,4 inches
Archie Corbin6 feet,4 inches
Patrick Corbin6 feet,4 inches
Jimmy Cordero6 feet,4 inches
Ryan Cordell6 feet,4 inches
Erik Cordier6 feet,4 inches
Carlos Correa6 feet,4 inches
Jim Cosman6 feet,4 inches
Harry Courtney6 feet,4 inches
Jake Cousins6 feet,4 inches
Danny Cox6 feet,4 inches
Steve Cox6 feet,4 inches
Tim Crabtree6 feet,4 inches
Roger Craig6 feet,4 inches
Kyle Crick6 feet,4 inches
Joe Crisp6 feet,4 inches
C. J. Cron6 feet,4 inches
Hans Crouse6 feet,4 inches
Rich Croushore6 feet,4 inches
Dean Crow6 feet,4 inches
Don Crow6 feet,4 inches
Jim Crowell6 feet,4 inches
Eric Crozier6 feet,4 inches
Bert Cueto6 feet,4 inches
Wil Culmer6 feet,4 inches
Eric Cyr6 feet,4 inches
Jim Czajkowski6 feet,4 inches
Bobby Dalbec6 feet,4 inches
Mike Darr6 feet,4 inches
Jeff Datz6 feet,4 inches
Daniel Davidson6 feet,4 inches
Austin Davis6 feet,4 inches
Ben Davis6 feet,4 inches
Chris Davis6 feet,4 inches
Doug Davis6 feet,4 inches
Ike Davis6 feet,4 inches
J. J. Davis6 feet,4 inches
Jody Davis6 feet,4 inches
Ron Davis6 feet,4 inches
Storm Davis6 feet,4 inches
Joey Dawley6 feet,4 inches
Dewon Day6 feet,4 inches
Zach Day6 feet,4 inches
Harry Dean6 feet,4 inches
Justin De Fratus6 feet,4 inches
Jacob deGrom6 feet,4 inches
Chase De Jong6 feet,4 inches
Randall Delgado6 feet,4 inches
Wheezer Dell6 feet,4 inches
Don Demeter6 feet,4 inches
Con Dempsey6 feet,4 inches
Brian Denman6 feet,4 inches
Sean DePaula6 feet,4 inches
Jim Deshaies6 feet,4 inches
Shorty Des Jardien6 feet,4 inches
Orestes Destrade6 feet,4 inches
Tom Dettore6 feet,4 inches
Mel Deutsch6 feet,4 inches
Adrian Devine6 feet,4 inches
Doug DeVore6 feet,4 inches
Matt DeWitt6 feet,4 inches
Juan Diaz6 feet,4 inches
Jumbo Diaz6 feet,4 inches
Lewin Diaz6 feet,4 inches
Rob Dibble6 feet,4 inches
Chris Dickerson6 feet,4 inches
Leo Dickerman6 feet,4 inches
Jake Diekman6 feet,4 inches
Larry Dierker6 feet,4 inches
Craig Dingman6 feet,4 inches
Brent Dlugach6 feet,4 inches
Chuck Dobson6 feet,4 inches
Pat Dodson6 feet,4 inches
John Doherty6 feet,4 inches
Rafael Dolis6 feet,4 inches
Chris Dominguez6 feet,4 inches
Jim Donohue6 feet,4 inches
John Dopson6 feet,4 inches
Dennis Dove6 feet,4 inches
Kelly Downs6 feet,4 inches
Hunter Dozier6 feet,4 inches
Oliver Drake6 feet,4 inches
Karl Drews6 feet,4 inches
Jim Duckworth6 feet,4 inches
Lucas Duda6 feet,4 inches
Mike Dunne6 feet,4 inches
Dane Dunning6 feet,4 inches
Jake Dunning6 feet,4 inches
Steve Dunn6 feet,4 inches
Jon Duplantier6 feet,4 inches
Jermaine Dye6 feet,4 inches
Bill Earley6 feet,4 inches
George Earnshaw6 feet,4 inches
Luke Easter6 feet,4 inches
Gary Eave6 feet,4 inches
Angel Echevarria6 feet,4 inches
Johnny Edwards6 feet,4 inches
Dick Egan6 feet,4 inches
Tom Egan6 feet,4 inches
Brett Eibner6 feet,4 inches
Mark Eichhorn6 feet,4 inches
Jerad Eickhoff6 feet,4 inches
Cal Eldred6 feet,4 inches
Donnie Elliott6 feet,4 inches
Kent Emanuel6 feet,4 inches
Scott Erickson6 feet,4 inches
Edgmer Escalona6 feet,4 inches
Geno Espineli6 feet,4 inches
Terry Evans6 feet,4 inches
Jay Faatz6 feet,4 inches
Hector Fajardo6 feet,4 inches
Bailey Falter6 feet,4 inches
Jake Faria6 feet,4 inches
Monty Fariss6 feet,4 inches
Buck Farmer6 feet,4 inches
Kyle Farnsworth6 feet,4 inches
John Farrell6 feet,4 inches
Turk Farrell6 feet,4 inches
Erick Fedde6 feet,4 inches
Michael Feliz6 feet,4 inches
Ryan Feltner6 feet,4 inches
Jeff Ferrell6 feet,4 inches
Mike Fetters6 feet,4 inches
Clarence Fieber6 feet,4 inches
Bob File6 feet,4 inches
Rollie Fingers6 feet,4 inches
Tony Fiore6 feet,4 inches
Rube Fischer6 feet,4 inches
Brian Fisher6 feet,4 inches
Carlos Fisher6 feet,4 inches
Jack Flaherty6 feet,4 inches
Al Flair6 feet,4 inches
Bernardo Flores6 feet,4 inches
Ben Flowers6 feet,4 inches
Tyler Flowers6 feet,4 inches
Gavin Floyd6 feet,4 inches
Jason Foley6 feet,4 inches
Mike Foltynewicz6 feet,4 inches
Wilmer Font6 feet,4 inches
Dave Ford6 feet,4 inches
Bob Forsch6 feet,4 inches
Ken Forsch6 feet,4 inches
Jerry Fosnow6 feet,4 inches
Dick Fowler6 feet,4 inches
Andy Fox6 feet,4 inches
Jeff Francoeur6 feet,4 inches
Kyle Freeland6 feet,4 inches
Jimmy Freeman6 feet,4 inches
Mark Freeman6 feet,4 inches
Luke French6 feet,4 inches
Carlos Frias6 feet,4 inches
Christian Friedrich6 feet,4 inches
Max Fried6 feet,4 inches
Doug Frobel6 feet,4 inches
Todd Frohwirth6 feet,4 inches
Brian Fuentes6 feet,4 inches
Jeff Fulchino6 feet,4 inches
Mark Funderburk6 feet,4 inches
Len Gabrielson6 feet,4 inches
Drew Gagnon6 feet,4 inches
John Gant6 feet,4 inches
Avisail Garcia6 feet,4 inches
Freddy Garcia6 feet,4 inches
Wes Gardner6 feet,4 inches
Bob Garibaldi6 feet,4 inches
Scott Garrelts6 feet,4 inches
Matt Garza6 feet,4 inches
Evan Gattis6 feet,4 inches
Elmer Gedeon6 feet,4 inches
Joey Gerber6 feet,4 inches
Joe Gibbon6 feet,4 inches
Bob Gillespie6 feet,4 inches
Kevin Ginkel6 feet,4 inches
Chris Gittens6 feet,4 inches
George Glinatsis6 feet,4 inches
Tyler Goeddel6 feet,4 inches
Bill Gogolewski6 feet,4 inches
Brad Goldberg6 feet,4 inches
Dave Goltz6 feet,4 inches
Lariel Gonzalez6 feet,4 inches
Tom Gorman6 feet,4 inches
Howie Goss6 feet,4 inches
Jim Gott6 feet,4 inches
Matt Grace6 feet,4 inches
Mike Grace6 feet,4 inches
Alex Graman6 feet,4 inches
Jeff Granger6 feet,4 inches
Johnny Gray6 feet,4 inches
Jon Gray6 feet,4 inches
Conner Greene6 feet,4 inches
Fred Green6 feet,4 inches
Shawn Green6 feet,4 inches
Shane Greene6 feet,4 inches
Bill Greif6 feet,4 inches
Ben Grieve6 feet,4 inches
Mike Griffin6 feet,4 inches
Jarrett Grube6 feet,4 inches
Ken Grundt6 feet,4 inches
Al Grunwald6 feet,4 inches
Robert Gsellman6 feet,4 inches
Mayckol Guaipe6 feet,4 inches
Reymin Guduan6 feet,4 inches
Taylor Guilbeau6 feet,4 inches
Lourdes Gurriel6 feet,4 inches
Mark Guthrie6 feet,4 inches
Luther Hackman6 feet,4 inches
Cody Hall6 feet,4 inches
Drew Hall6 feet,4 inches
Jack Hallett6 feet,4 inches
Tom Haller6 feet,4 inches
Herb Hall6 feet,4 inches
Greg Halman6 feet,4 inches
Sean Halton6 feet,4 inches
Mark Hamburger6 feet,4 inches
Cole Hamels6 feet,4 inches
Joey Hamilton6 feet,4 inches
Josh Hamilton6 feet,4 inches
Mark Hamilton6 feet,4 inches
Tom Hamilton6 feet,4 inches
Justin Hancock6 feet,4 inches
Lee Hancock6 feet,4 inches
Joel Hanrahan6 feet,4 inches
Bill Harman6 feet,4 inches
Brandon Harper6 feet,4 inches
Terry Harper6 feet,4 inches
Travis Harper6 feet,4 inches
Bubba Harris6 feet,4 inches
Matt Harrison6 feet,4 inches
Mickey Harrington6 feet,4 inches
Mitch Harris6 feet,4 inches
Will Harris6 feet,4 inches
Jason Hart6 feet,4 inches
Kevin Hart6 feet,4 inches
Matt Harvey6 feet,4 inches
Hilly Hathaway6 feet,4 inches
Tom Hausman6 feet,4 inches
Andy Hawkins6 feet,4 inches
Jimmy Haynes6 feet,4 inches
Ryon Healy6 feet,4 inches
Deunte Heath6 feet,4 inches
Jeff Heathcock6 feet,4 inches
Bob Heffner6 feet,4 inches
Jeremy Hefner6 feet,4 inches
Jonah Heim6 feet,4 inches
Gorman Heimueller6 feet,4 inches
Roy Heiser6 feet,4 inches
Wes Helms6 feet,4 inches
Russ Heman6 feet,4 inches
Heath Hembree6 feet,4 inches
Rod Henderson6 feet,4 inches
Ben Hendrickson6 feet,4 inches
Mike Henneman6 feet,4 inches
Doug Henry6 feet,4 inches
Babe Herman6 feet,4 inches
Alex Hernandez6 feet,4 inches
Ariel Hernandez6 feet,4 inches
Carlos Hernandez6 feet,4 inches
Roberto Hernandez6 feet,4 inches
Frank Herrmann6 feet,4 inches
Keith Hessler6 feet,4 inches
John Hester6 feet,4 inches
Ken Hill6 feet,4 inches
Tim Hill6 feet,4 inches
Kevin Hodges6 feet,4 inches
Shovel Hodge6 feet,4 inches
Eli Hodkey6 feet,4 inches
Mul Holland6 feet,4 inches
Matt Holliday6 feet,4 inches
Brian Holman6 feet,4 inches
Chris Holt6 feet,4 inches
Rhys Hoskins6 feet,4 inches
Eric Hosmer6 feet,4 inches
Dave Hostetler6 feet,4 inches
D. J. Houlton6 feet,4 inches
James Houser6 feet,4 inches
Ryan Howard6 feet,4 inches
Sam Howard6 feet,4 inches
Roland Howell6 feet,4 inches
Tex Hoyle6 feet,4 inches
Kent Hrbek6 feet,4 inches
Sid Hudson6 feet,4 inches
Aubrey Huff6 feet,4 inches
Bobby Hughes6 feet,4 inches
Brian Hunter6 feet,4 inches
Ken Hunt6 feet,4 inches
Eric Hurley6 feet,4 inches
Bruce Hurst6 feet,4 inches
Hideki Irabu6 feet,4 inches
Cole Irvin6 feet,4 inches
Tyler Ivey6 feet,4 inches
Bucky Jacobsen6 feet,4 inches
Bill James6 feet,4 inches
Bob James6 feet,4 inches
Delvin James6 feet,4 inches
Mike James6 feet,4 inches
Gerry Janeski6 feet,4 inches
Casey Janssen6 feet,4 inches
Joey Jay6 feet,4 inches
Reggie Jefferson6 feet,4 inches
Ryan Jeffers6 feet,4 inches
Chad Jenkins6 feet,4 inches
Tyrell Jenkins6 feet,4 inches
Bobby Jenks6 feet,4 inches
Marcus Jensen6 feet,4 inches
Williams Jerez6 feet,4 inches
Eloy Jimenez6 feet,4 inches
Brett Jodie6 feet,4 inches
Bob Johnson6 feet,4 inches
Cliff Johnson6 feet,4 inches
Connie Johnson6 feet,4 inches
DJ Johnson6 feet,4 inches
Ken Johnson6 feet,4 inches
Kris Johnson6 feet,4 inches
Lloyd Johnson6 feet,4 inches
Mark Johnson6 feet,4 inches
Roy Johnson6 feet,4 inches
Al Jones6 feet,4 inches
Barry Jones6 feet,4 inches
Bobby Jones6 feet,4 inches
Chipper Jones6 feet,4 inches
Hunter Jones6 feet,4 inches
Sam Jones6 feet,4 inches
Sherman Jones6 feet,4 inches
Terry Jorgensen6 feet,4 inches
Kevin Joseph6 feet,4 inches
Jimmy Journell6 feet,4 inches
Josh Judy6 feet,4 inches
Kila Ka'aihue6 feet,4 inches
Jim Kaat6 feet,4 inches
Bob Kammeyer6 feet,4 inches
Matt Karchner6 feet,4 inches
Ryan Karp6 feet,4 inches
Eric Karros6 feet,4 inches
Justin Kaye6 feet,4 inches
Bob Keating6 feet,4 inches
Pat Keedy6 feet,4 inches
Joe Keener6 feet,4 inches
Kyle Keller6 feet,4 inches
Don Kelly6 feet,4 inches
High Pockets Kelly6 feet,4 inches
Mike Kelly6 feet,4 inches
Bill Kelso6 feet,4 inches
Matt Kemp6 feet,4 inches
Joe Kennedy6 feet,4 inches
Max Kepler6 feet,4 inches
Clayton Kershaw6 feet,4 inches
Mike Kickham6 feet,4 inches
Mark Kiefer6 feet,4 inches
Brooks Kieschnick6 feet,4 inches
Kevin King6 feet,4 inches
Tyler Kinley6 feet,4 inches
Harry Kinzy6 feet,4 inches
Fred Kipp6 feet,4 inches
Michael Kirkman6 feet,4 inches
Bruce Kison6 feet,4 inches
Ron Kittle6 feet,4 inches
Corey Kluber6 feet,4 inches
Gary Knotts6 feet,4 inches
Alan Koch6 feet,4 inches
Will Koenigsmark6 feet,4 inches
Danny Kolb6 feet,4 inches
Doug Konieczny6 feet,4 inches
Graham Koonce6 feet,4 inches
Joe Koshansky6 feet,4 inches
Bill Koski6 feet,4 inches
Erik Kratz6 feet,4 inches
Jack Kraus6 feet,4 inches
Chris Krug6 feet,4 inches
Gene Krug6 feet,4 inches
Tim Kubinski6 feet,4 inches
Joel Kuhnel6 feet,4 inches
Hi Ladd6 feet,4 inches
Bobby LaFromboise6 feet,4 inches
John Lamb6 feet,4 inches
Dennis Lamp6 feet,4 inches
Chip Lang6 feet,4 inches
John Lannan6 feet,4 inches
Yovanny Lara6 feet,4 inches
Andy Larkin6 feet,4 inches
Trevor Larnach6 feet,4 inches
Don Larsen6 feet,4 inches
Bill Lawrence6 feet,4 inches
Sean Lawrence6 feet,4 inches
Charlie Lea6 feet,4 inches
Wil Ledezma6 feet,4 inches
Dae-ho Lee6 feet,4 inches
Don Lee6 feet,4 inches
Mark Lee6 feet,4 inches
Charles Leesman6 feet,4 inches
Brandon Leibrandt6 feet,4 inches
Frank Leja6 feet,4 inches
DJ LeMahieu6 feet,4 inches
Dave Lemanczyk6 feet,4 inches
Jim Lemon6 feet,4 inches
Anthony Lerew6 feet,4 inches
Jon Lester6 feet,4 inches
Dennis Lewallyn6 feet,4 inches
Colby Lewis6 feet,4 inches
Kyle Lewis6 feet,4 inches
Al Libke6 feet,4 inches
Alex Liddi6 feet,4 inches
Josh Lindblom6 feet,4 inches
Johnny Lindell6 feet,4 inches
Zack Littell6 feet,4 inches
Ben Lively6 feet,4 inches
Kyle Lloyd6 feet,4 inches
Dale Long6 feet,4 inches
Braden Looper6 feet,4 inches
Javier Lopez6 feet,4 inches
Pablo Lopez6 feet,4 inches
Pete Lovrich6 feet,4 inches
Grover Lowdermilk6 feet,4 inches
Josh Lowe6 feet,4 inches
Mike Lowell6 feet,4 inches
Nathaniel Lowe6 feet,4 inches
Mike Loynd6 feet,4 inches
Cory Luebke6 feet,4 inches
Dick Luebke6 feet,4 inches
Lucas Luetge6 feet,4 inches
Seth Lugo6 feet,4 inches
Tom Lundstedt6 feet,4 inches
Donald Lutz6 feet,4 inches
John Mabry6 feet,4 inches
Frank MacCormack6 feet,4 inches
Mike MacDougal6 feet,4 inches
Chuck Machemehl6 feet,4 inches
Keith MacWhorter6 feet,4 inches
Mike Mahoney6 feet,4 inches
John Maine6 feet,4 inches
Jim Maler6 feet,4 inches
Matt Maloney6 feet,4 inches
Matt Mangini6 feet,4 inches
Joe Mantiply6 feet,4 inches
Charlie Manuel6 feet,4 inches
Dick Manville6 feet,4 inches
Jake Marisnick6 feet,4 inches
Brailyn Marquez6 feet,4 inches
Buck Marrow6 feet,4 inches
Brandon Marsh6 feet,4 inches
Brett Martin6 feet,4 inches
J. D. Martin6 feet,4 inches
Ramon Martinez6 feet,4 inches
Renie Martin6 feet,4 inches
Gary Martz6 feet,4 inches
Randy Martz6 feet,4 inches
James Marvel6 feet,4 inches
Len Matarazzo6 feet,4 inches
Joe Mather6 feet,4 inches
Nelson Mathews6 feet,4 inches
Phil Maton6 feet,4 inches
Larry Maxie6 feet,4 inches
Justin Maxwell6 feet,4 inches
Derrick May6 feet,4 inches
Matt Maysey6 feet,4 inches
Nomar Mazara6 feet,4 inches
Chris Mazza6 feet,4 inches
Ralph McCabe6 feet,4 inches
Frank McCormick6 feet,4 inches
Willie McCovey6 feet,4 inches
Pat McCoy6 feet,4 inches
Phil McCullough6 feet,4 inches
Jake McGee6 feet,4 inches
Stover McIlwain6 feet,4 inches
Limb McKenry6 feet,4 inches
Jim McManus6 feet,4 inches
Jim McNamara6 feet,4 inches
Bill McNulty6 feet,4 inches
Dallas McPherson6 feet,4 inches
Kyle McPherson6 feet,4 inches
Brian Meadows6 feet,4 inches
Chris Mears6 feet,4 inches
Luis Medina6 feet,4 inches
Ryan Meisinger6 feet,4 inches
Humberto Mejia6 feet,4 inches
Bob Melvin6 feet,4 inches
Tim Melville6 feet,4 inches
Yohander Mendez6 feet,4 inches
Julian Merryweather6 feet,4 inches
Hensley Meulens6 feet,4 inches
Bart Miadich6 feet,4 inches
Ed Mierkowicz6 feet,4 inches
Larry Miggins6 feet,4 inches
Miles Mikolas6 feet,4 inches
Bob Milacki6 feet,4 inches
Tyson Miller6 feet,4 inches
Alec Mills6 feet,4 inches
Wyatt Mills6 feet,4 inches
Kevin Millwood6 feet,4 inches
Juan Minaya6 feet,4 inches
Zach Miner6 feet,4 inches
Mike Minor6 feet,4 inches
Dave Mlicki6 feet,4 inches
Garrett Mock6 feet,4 inches
Dustin Molleken6 feet,4 inches
Larry Monroe6 feet,4 inches
Steve Montgomery6 feet,4 inches
Bobby Moore6 feet,4 inches
Frank Moore6 feet,4 inches
Mike Moore6 feet,4 inches
Bill Moran6 feet,4 inches
Brian Moran6 feet,4 inches
Colin Moran6 feet,4 inches
Hiker Moran6 feet,4 inches
Roger Moret6 feet,4 inches
Mike Morin6 feet,4 inches
Russ Morman6 feet,4 inches
Justin Morneau6 feet,4 inches
Doyt Morris6 feet,4 inches
Clayton Mortensen6 feet,4 inches
Jon Moscot6 feet,4 inches
Robert Mosebach6 feet,4 inches
Dustin Moseley6 feet,4 inches
Ryan Mountcastle6 feet,4 inches
Lyle Mouton6 feet,4 inches
Gordie Mueller6 feet,4 inches
Willie Mueller6 feet,4 inches
Conor Mullee6 feet,4 inches
Joe Mulligan6 feet,4 inches
Dale Murphy6 feet,4 inches
Dale Murray6 feet,4 inches
Heath Murray6 feet,4 inches
Rich Murray6 feet,4 inches
Dennis Musgraves6 feet,4 inches
Brett Myers6 feet,4 inches
Aaron Myette6 feet,4 inches
Joe Nathan6 feet,4 inches
Jaime Navarro6 feet,4 inches
Denny Neagle6 feet,4 inches
Troy Neel6 feet,4 inches
Jim Neidlinger6 feet,4 inches
Rob Nelson6 feet,4 inches
Robb Nen6 feet,4 inches
Tyler Nevin6 feet,4 inches
Don Newcombe6 feet,4 inches
Marc Newfield6 feet,4 inches
Don Newhauser6 feet,4 inches
Juan Nicasio6 feet,4 inches
Doug Nickle6 feet,4 inches
Randy Niemann6 feet,4 inches
Jacob Nix6 feet,4 inches
Hector Noesi6 feet,4 inches
Sean Nolin6 feet,4 inches
John Noriega6 feet,4 inches
Randy Nosek6 feet,4 inches
Rich Nye6 feet,4 inches
Chris Nyman6 feet,4 inches
Sherman Obando6 feet,4 inches
Dan O'Brien6 feet,4 inches
Peter O'Brien6 feet,4 inches
Riley O'Brien6 feet,4 inches
Darren O'Day6 feet,4 inches
John O'Donoghue6 feet,4 inches
Alexi Ogando6 feet,4 inches
Chris O'Grady6 feet,4 inches
Ross Ohlendorf6 feet,4 inches
Shohei Ohtani6 feet,4 inches
Jim Ollom6 feet,4 inches
Edgar Olmos6 feet,4 inches
Scott Olsen6 feet,4 inches
Gregg Olson6 feet,4 inches
Brian Omogrosso6 feet,4 inches
Paul O'Neill6 feet,4 inches
Kevin Orie6 feet,4 inches
Joe Orrell6 feet,4 inches
Bill Ortega6 feet,4 inches
Javier Ortiz6 feet,4 inches
Roberto Ortiz6 feet,4 inches
Kaleb Ort6 feet,4 inches
Daniel Ortmeier6 feet,4 inches
Tiny Osborne6 feet,4 inches
Pat Osburn6 feet,4 inches
Luis Oviedo6 feet,4 inches
Tom Paciorek6 feet,4 inches
Jim Pagliaroni6 feet,4 inches
Jarrett Parker6 feet,4 inches
Jeff Parrett6 feet,4 inches
Mike Parrott6 feet,4 inches
Daryl Patterson6 feet,4 inches
Jordan Patterson6 feet,4 inches
Ken Patterson6 feet,4 inches
Reggie Patterson6 feet,4 inches
Ben Paulsen6 feet,4 inches
James Paxton6 feet,4 inches
Hunter Pence6 feet,4 inches
Brad Penny6 feet,4 inches
Don Pepper6 feet,4 inches
Oswaldo Peraza6 feet,4 inches
Chris Perez6 feet,4 inches
Eduardo Perez6 feet,4 inches
Melido Perez6 feet,4 inches
Gaylord Perry6 feet,4 inches
Jim Perry6 feet,4 inches
Parson Perryman6 feet,4 inches
Jake Petricka6 feet,4 inches
Dan Petry6 feet,4 inches
Jay Pettibone6 feet,4 inches
Jack Phillips6 feet,4 inches
Kevin Pickford6 feet,4 inches
Chris Piersoll6 feet,4 inches
Brett Pill6 feet,4 inches
Branden Pinder6 feet,4 inches
J. C. Gutierrez6 feet,3 inches
Angel Guzman6 feet,3 inches
Marcus Gwyn6 feet,3 inches
Josh Hader6 feet,3 inches
Kent Hadley6 feet,3 inches
Travis Hafner6 feet,3 inches
Bradin Hagens6 feet,3 inches
Matt Hague6 feet,3 inches
Fred Hahn6 feet,3 inches
Darren Hall6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Hamilton6 feet,3 inches
Atlee Hammaker6 feet,3 inches
J. D. Hammer6 feet,3 inches
Ralph Hamner6 feet,3 inches
Josh Hancock6 feet,3 inches
Brad Hand6 feet,3 inches
Donovan Hand6 feet,3 inches
Chris Haney6 feet,3 inches
Don Hankins6 feet,3 inches
Gerry Hannahs6 feet,3 inches
Jim Hannan6 feet,3 inches
Andy Hansen6 feet,3 inches
Ron Hansen6 feet,3 inches
Snipe Hansen6 feet,3 inches
Steve Hargan6 feet,3 inches
Alan Hargesheimer6 feet,3 inches
Bryce Harper6 feet,3 inches
Ryne Harper6 feet,3 inches
Slim Harrell6 feet,3 inches
Greg Harris6 feet,3 inches
John Harris6 feet,3 inches
Monte Harrison6 feet,3 inches
Roric Harrison6 feet,3 inches
Tom Harrison6 feet,3 inches
Mike Hart6 feet,3 inches
Ryan Hartman6 feet,3 inches
Bryan Harvey6 feet,3 inches
Hunter Harvey6 feet,3 inches
Bill Haselman6 feet,3 inches
Alex Hassan6 feet,3 inches
Bob Hasty6 feet,3 inches
Chris Hatcher6 feet,3 inches
Mike Hauschild6 feet,3 inches
Wynn Hawkins6 feet,3 inches
Blake Hawksworth6 feet,3 inches
Dirk Hayhurst6 feet,3 inches
Bill Haywood6 feet,3 inches
Jeremy Hazelbaker6 feet,3 inches
Drungo Hazewood6 feet,3 inches
Ed Hearn6 feet,3 inches
Jim Hearn6 feet,3 inches
Jon Heasley6 feet,3 inches
Mike Heathcott6 feet,3 inches
Bronson Heflin6 feet,3 inches
Ben Heller6 feet,3 inches
Rick Helling6 feet,3 inches
Bret Hemphill6 feet,3 inches
Ed Hendricks6 feet,3 inches
George Hendrick6 feet,3 inches
Kyle Hendricks6 feet,3 inches
Ryan Hendrix6 feet,3 inches
Sean Henn6 feet,3 inches
Bill Henry6 feet,3 inches
Dwayne Henry6 feet,3 inches
Chuck Hensley6 feet,3 inches
Jimmy Herget6 feet,3 inches
Dustin Hermanson6 feet,3 inches
Jeremy Hermida6 feet,3 inches
David Hernandez6 feet,3 inches
Felix Hernandez6 feet,3 inches
Jonathan Hernandez6 feet,3 inches
Rudy Hernandez6 feet,3 inches
Runelvys Hernandez6 feet,3 inches
Willie Hernandez6 feet,3 inches
Larry Herndon6 feet,3 inches
Pancho Herrera6 feet,3 inches
Rosell Herrera6 feet,3 inches
Bill Herring6 feet,3 inches
Tom Herrin6 feet,3 inches
John Herrnstein6 feet,3 inches
Orel Hershiser6 feet,3 inches
Chris Heston6 feet,3 inches
Eric Hetzel6 feet,3 inches
Phil Hiatt6 feet,3 inches
Jim Hickman6 feet,3 inches
Jim Hicks6 feet,3 inches
Richard Hidalgo6 feet,3 inches
Joe Hietpas6 feet,3 inches
Dennis Higgins6 feet,3 inches
Oral Hildebrand6 feet,3 inches
Shawn Hillegas6 feet,3 inches
Glenallen Hill6 feet,3 inches
Marc Hill6 feet,3 inches
Taylor Hill6 feet,3 inches
Howard Hilton6 feet,3 inches
Mike Hinckley6 feet,3 inches
Dutch Hinrichs6 feet,3 inches
John Hobbs6 feet,3 inches
Trey Hodges6 feet,3 inches
Billy Hoeft6 feet,3 inches
Lefty Hoerst6 feet,3 inches
Jamie Hoffmann6 feet,3 inches
Micah Hoffpauir6 feet,3 inches
David Holdridge6 feet,3 inches
Jessie Hollins6 feet,3 inches
David Holmberg6 feet,3 inches
J. J. Hoover6 feet,3 inches
John Hope6 feet,3 inches
Jeremy Horst6 feet,3 inches
Tony Horton6 feet,3 inches
Steve Hosey6 feet,3 inches
Adrian Houser6 feet,3 inches
Fred House6 feet,3 inches
Pat House6 feet,3 inches
Doug Howard6 feet,3 inches
Fred Howard6 feet,3 inches
Larry Howard6 feet,3 inches
Spencer Howard6 feet,3 inches
Cal Howe6 feet,3 inches
Jay Howell6 feet,3 inches
Ken Howell6 feet,3 inches
Jared Hoying6 feet,3 inches
LaMarr Hoyt6 feet,3 inches
Cal Hubbard6 feet,3 inches
Charlie Hudson6 feet,3 inches
Charles Hudson6 feet,3 inches
Daniel Hudson6 feet,3 inches
Luke Hudson6 feet,3 inches
Dick Hughes6 feet,3 inches
Jim Hughes6 feet,3 inches
Keith Hughes6 feet,3 inches
Tex Hughson6 feet,3 inches
Mark Huismann6 feet,3 inches
Rick Huisman6 feet,3 inches
Danny Hultzen6 feet,3 inches
Philip Humber6 feet,3 inches
Terry Humphrey6 feet,3 inches
Jim Hunter6 feet,3 inches
Tommy Hunter6 feet,3 inches
Clint Hurdle6 feet,3 inches
Jonathan Hurst6 feet,3 inches
Edwin Hurtado6 feet,3 inches
Butch Huskey6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Huson6 feet,3 inches
Drew Hutchison6 feet,3 inches
Brandon Hyde6 feet,3 inches
Bert Inks6 feet,3 inches
Daryl Irvine6 feet,3 inches
Phil Irwin6 feet,3 inches
Travis Ishikawa6 feet,3 inches
Jason Isringhausen6 feet,3 inches
Mike Ivie6 feet,3 inches
Hisashi Iwakuma6 feet,3 inches
Andre Jackson6 feet,3 inches
Mike Jackson6 feet,3 inches
Baby Doll Jacobson6 feet,3 inches
Mike Jacobs6 feet,3 inches
Bill James6 feet,3 inches
Jeff James6 feet,3 inches
Josh James6 feet,3 inches
Justin James6 feet,3 inches
Travis Jankowski6 feet,3 inches
Marty Janzen6 feet,3 inches
Larry Jaster6 feet,3 inches
Al Javery6 feet,3 inches
Myles Jaye6 feet,3 inches
Jesse Jefferson6 feet,3 inches
Dan Jennings6 feet,3 inches
Kyle Jensen6 feet,3 inches
Kevin Jepsen6 feet,3 inches
Derek Jeter6 feet,3 inches
Jose Jimenez6 feet,3 inches
Joe Jimenez6 feet,3 inches
Luis Jimenez6 feet,3 inches
Charlton Jimerson6 feet,3 inches
Waldis Joaquin6 feet,3 inches
Bob Johnson6 feet,3 inches
Brian Johnson6 feet,3 inches
Chris Johnson6 feet,3 inches
Don Johnson6 feet,3 inches
Earl Johnson6 feet,3 inches
Ernie Johnson6 feet,3 inches
Erik Johnson6 feet,3 inches
Gary Johnson6 feet,3 inches
Jerry Johnson6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Johnson6 feet,3 inches
John Johnstone6 feet,3 inches
Mark Johnson6 feet,3 inches
Nick Johnson6 feet,3 inches
Rankin Johnson6 feet,3 inches
Ron Johnson6 feet,3 inches
Tony Johnson6 feet,3 inches
Tommy John6 feet,3 inches
Smead Jolley6 feet,3 inches
Calvin Jones6 feet,3 inches
Doug Jones6 feet,3 inches
Jake Jones6 feet,3 inches
Jason Jones6 feet,3 inches
James Jones6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Jones6 feet,3 inches
Ken Jones6 feet,3 inches
Odell Jones6 feet,3 inches
Red Jones6 feet,3 inches
Ricky Jones6 feet,3 inches
Todd Jones6 feet,3 inches
Tracy Jones6 feet,3 inches
Caleb Joseph6 feet,3 inches
Donnie Joseph6 feet,3 inches
Addie Joss6 feet,3 inches
Jakob Junis6 feet,3 inches
Mike Jurewicz6 feet,3 inches
David Justice6 feet,3 inches
Jack Kading6 feet,3 inches
Don Kainer6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Kaiser6 feet,3 inches
Bill Kalfass6 feet,3 inches
James Kaprielian6 feet,3 inches
James Karinchak6 feet,3 inches
Nate Karns6 feet,3 inches
Steve Karsay6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Karstens6 feet,3 inches
Dick Kauffman6 feet,3 inches
Austin Kearns6 feet,3 inches
Ed Keegan6 feet,3 inches
Randy Keisler6 feet,3 inches
Al Kellett6 feet,3 inches
Al Kellogg6 feet,3 inches
Casey Kelly6 feet,3 inches
Kenny Kelly6 feet,3 inches
Pat Kelly6 feet,3 inches
David Kelton6 feet,3 inches
Kyle Kendrick6 feet,3 inches
Terry Kennedy6 feet,3 inches
Matt Keough6 feet,3 inches
Gus Keriazakos6 feet,3 inches
George Kernek6 feet,3 inches
Masao Kida6 feet,3 inches
Dana Kiecker6 feet,3 inches
John Kiely6 feet,3 inches
Roger Kieschnick6 feet,3 inches
Mike Kilkenny6 feet,3 inches
Cole Kimball6 feet,3 inches
Harry Kimberlin6 feet,3 inches
Mike King6 feet,3 inches
Gene Kingsale6 feet,3 inches
Thornton Kipper6 feet,3 inches
Clay Kirby6 feet,3 inches
Don Kirkwood6 feet,3 inches
Garland Kiser6 feet,3 inches
Ryan Klesko6 feet,3 inches
Bob Kline6 feet,3 inches
Branden Kline6 feet,3 inches
Ron Kline6 feet,3 inches
Steve Kline6 feet,3 inches
Brent Knackert6 feet,3 inches
Corey Knebel6 feet,3 inches
Bob Knepper6 feet,3 inches
Jon Knott6 feet,3 inches
Billy Koch6 feet,3 inches
Matt Koch6 feet,3 inches
Adam Kolarek6 feet,3 inches
Don Kolloway6 feet,3 inches
George Kontos6 feet,3 inches
Dennis Konuszewski6 feet,3 inches
Michael Kopech6 feet,3 inches
George Korince6 feet,3 inches
Andy Kosco6 feet,3 inches
Corey Koskie6 feet,3 inches
Casey Kotchman6 feet,3 inches
Ed Kranepool6 feet,3 inches
Max Kranick6 feet,3 inches
Mickey Kreitner6 feet,3 inches
Jimmy Kremers6 feet,3 inches
Kurt Krieger6 feet,3 inches
Brooks Kriske6 feet,3 inches
Josh Kroeger6 feet,3 inches
Tony Kubek6 feet,3 inches
Kyle Kubitza6 feet,3 inches
Gil Kubski6 feet,3 inches
Johnny Kucks6 feet,3 inches
Chad Kuhl6 feet,3 inches
Rusty Kuntz6 feet,3 inches
Hal Kurtz6 feet,3 inches
Craig Kusick6 feet,3 inches
Al Lachowicz6 feet,3 inches
Pete Ladd6 feet,3 inches
Ed Lagger6 feet,3 inches
Jake Lamb6 feet,3 inches
John Lamb6 feet,3 inches
Andrew Lambo6 feet,3 inches
Dinelson Lamet6 feet,3 inches
Gary Lance6 feet,3 inches
Rick Lancellotti6 feet,3 inches
Ken Landenberger6 feet,3 inches
Alex Lange6 feet,3 inches
Ryan Langerhans6 feet,3 inches
Dave LaPoint6 feet,3 inches
Gene Larkin6 feet,3 inches
Al Lary6 feet,3 inches
Fred Lasher6 feet,3 inches
Don Lassetter6 feet,3 inches
Barry Latman6 feet,3 inches
Tim Laudner6 feet,3 inches
Eric Lauer6 feet,3 inches
Ryan Lavarnway6 feet,3 inches
Derek Law6 feet,3 inches
Justin Lawrence6 feet,3 inches
Luis Leal6 feet,3 inches
Tim Leary6 feet,3 inches
Razor Ledbetter6 feet,3 inches
Bill Lee6 feet,3 inches
Bill Lee6 feet,3 inches
Bob Lee6 feet,3 inches
Cliff Lee6 feet,3 inches
Dylan Lee6 feet,3 inches
Mark Lee6 feet,3 inches
Thornton Lee6 feet,3 inches
Travis Lee6 feet,3 inches
Zach Lee6 feet,3 inches
Charlie Leibrandt6 feet,3 inches
Jon Leicester6 feet,3 inches
Mark Leiter6 feet,3 inches
Scott Leius6 feet,3 inches
Dick LeMay6 feet,3 inches
Don Lenhardt6 feet,3 inches
Elmer Leonard6 feet,3 inches
Arcenio Leon6 feet,3 inches
John LeRoy6 feet,3 inches
Don Leshnock6 feet,3 inches
Al Levine6 feet,3 inches
Allen Levrault6 feet,3 inches
Artie Lewicki6 feet,3 inches
Jensen Lewis6 feet,3 inches
Jim Lewis6 feet,3 inches
Scott Lewis6 feet,3 inches
Adam Liberatore6 feet,3 inches
Jon Lieber6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Liefer6 feet,3 inches
Bill Lindsey6 feet,3 inches
Matt Lindstrom6 feet,3 inches
Scott Linebrink6 feet,3 inches
Francisco Liriano6 feet,3 inches
Mark Littell6 feet,3 inches
Bobby Livingston6 feet,3 inches
Clem Llewellyn6 feet,3 inches
Kyle Lobstein6 feet,3 inches
Bob Locker6 feet,3 inches
Tim Lollar6 feet,3 inches
Ernie Lombardi6 feet,3 inches
James Loney6 feet,3 inches
Bob Long6 feet,3 inches
Aquilino Lopez6 feet,3 inches
Javy Lopez6 feet,3 inches
Jorge Lopez6 feet,3 inches
Marcelino Lopez6 feet,3 inches
Yoan Lopez6 feet,3 inches
Michael Lorenzen6 feet,3 inches
Andrew Lorraine6 feet,3 inches
Mark Lowe6 feet,3 inches
Terrell Lowery6 feet,3 inches
Dwight Lowry6 feet,3 inches
Ed Lucas6 feet,3 inches
Elvis Luciano6 feet,3 inches
Steve Luebber6 feet,3 inches
Ralph Lumenti6 feet,3 inches
Mitch Lyden6 feet,3 inches
Steve Lyons6 feet,3 inches
Kevin Maas6 feet,3 inches
Chris Mabeus6 feet,3 inches
Bob Macdonald6 feet,3 inches
Manny Machado6 feet,3 inches
Drew Macias6 feet,3 inches
Max Macon6 feet,3 inches
Scott MacRae6 feet,3 inches
Garry Maddox6 feet,3 inches
Dave Madison6 feet,3 inches
Alex Madrid6 feet,3 inches
Dave Magadan6 feet,3 inches
Matt Magill6 feet,3 inches
Tom Magrann6 feet,3 inches
Mickey Mahler6 feet,3 inches
Tyler Mahle6 feet,3 inches
Mitch Maier6 feet,3 inches
Luke Maile6 feet,3 inches
Scott Maine6 feet,3 inches
Woody Main6 feet,3 inches
Mark Malaska6 feet,3 inches
Rob Mallicoat6 feet,3 inches
Trey Mancini6 feet,3 inches
David Manning6 feet,3 inches
Jim Mann6 feet,3 inches
Kelly Mann6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Manto6 feet,3 inches
Robert Manuel6 feet,3 inches
Cliff Mapes6 feet,3 inches
Justin Marks6 feet,3 inches
Nick Maronde6 feet,3 inches
Rube Marquard6 feet,3 inches
Chris Marrero6 feet,3 inches
Cuddles Marshall6 feet,3 inches
Jose Marte6 feet,3 inches
Freddie Martinez6 feet,3 inches
Cody Martin6 feet,3 inches
J. D. Martinez6 feet,3 inches
Rafael Martin6 feet,3 inches
Gordon Massa6 feet,3 inches
Henry Mathewson6 feet,3 inches
Mike Matheny6 feet,3 inches
Doug Mathis6 feet,3 inches
Scott Mathieson6 feet,3 inches
Jon Matlack6 feet,3 inches
Gary Matthews6 feet,3 inches
Ryan Mattheus6 feet,3 inches
Tyler Matzek6 feet,3 inches
Rob Maurer6 feet,3 inches
Ralph Mauriello6 feet,3 inches
John Mayberry6 feet,3 inches
Cameron Maybin6 feet,3 inches
Lee May6 feet,3 inches
Tim Mayza6 feet,3 inches
Patrick Mazeika6 feet,3 inches
Tom McAvoy6 feet,3 inches
Ryan McBroom6 feet,3 inches
Randy McCament6 feet,3 inches
Brian McCann6 feet,3 inches
James McCann6 feet,3 inches
Joe McCarthy6 feet,3 inches
Kevin McCarthy6 feet,3 inches
Steve McCatty6 feet,3 inches
Scott McClain6 feet,3 inches
George McConnell6 feet,3 inches
Don McCormack6 feet,3 inches
Lindy McDaniel6 feet,3 inches
Ray McDavid6 feet,3 inches
Terry McDermott6 feet,3 inches
Dave McDonald6 feet,3 inches
Hank McDonald6 feet,3 inches
T. J. McFarland6 feet,3 inches
Andy McGaffigan6 feet,3 inches
Russ McGinnis6 feet,3 inches
Pat McGlothin6 feet,3 inches
Dustin McGowan6 feet,3 inches
Kyle McGowin6 feet,3 inches
Fred McGriff6 feet,3 inches
Bill McGuire6 feet,3 inches
David McKay6 feet,3 inches
Greg McMichael6 feet,3 inches
Ken McMullen6 feet,3 inches
Harry McNeal6 feet,3 inches
Rusty Meacham6 feet,3 inches
Austin Meadows6 feet,3 inches
John Means6 feet,3 inches
Gil Meche6 feet,3 inches
Rafael Medina6 feet,3 inches
Yoervis Medina6 feet,3 inches
Adalberto Mejia6 feet,3 inches
Jon Meloan6 feet,3 inches
Juan Melo6 feet,3 inches
Roman Mendez6 feet,3 inches
Luis Mendoza6 feet,3 inches
Hector Mercado6 feet,3 inches
Jordy Mercer6 feet,3 inches
Melvin Mercedes6 feet,3 inches
Jim Merritt6 feet,3 inches
Jose Mesa6 feet,3 inches
Travis Metcalf6 feet,3 inches
Bob Meusel6 feet,3 inches
Joey Meyer6 feet,3 inches
Ed Mickelson6 feet,3 inches
Jason Middlebrook6 feet,3 inches
Keynan Middleton6 feet,3 inches
Will Middlebrooks6 feet,3 inches
Gary Mielke6 feet,3 inches
Mike Milchin6 feet,3 inches
Sam Militello6 feet,3 inches
Bob Miller6 feet,3 inches
Damian Miller6 feet,3 inches
Jai Miller6 feet,3 inches
Justin Miller6 feet,3 inches
Matt Miller6 feet,3 inches
Matt Miller6 feet,3 inches
Roger Miller6 feet,3 inches
Shelby Miller6 feet,3 inches
Travis Miller6 feet,3 inches
Trever Miller6 feet,3 inches
Dick Mills6 feet,3 inches
Hoby Milner6 feet,3 inches
Eric Milton6 feet,3 inches
Don Mincher6 feet,3 inches
Don Minnick6 feet,3 inches
Blas Minor6 feet,3 inches
Bobby Mitchell6 feet,3 inches
Charlie Mitchell6 feet,3 inches
Craig Mitchell6 feet,3 inches
Sergio Mitre6 feet,3 inches
Casey Mize6 feet,3 inches
Vinegar Bend Mizell6 feet,3 inches
Brian Moehler6 feet,3 inches
Chad Moeller6 feet,3 inches
Randy Moffitt6 feet,3 inches
Dale Mohorcic6 feet,3 inches
Richie Moloney6 feet,3 inches
Rick Monday6 feet,3 inches
Agustin Montero6 feet,3 inches
Jesus Montero6 feet,3 inches
Monty Montgomery6 feet,3 inches
Ray Montgomery6 feet,3 inches
Adam Moore6 feet,3 inches
Bill Moore6 feet,3 inches
Matt Moore6 feet,3 inches
Osmer Morales6 feet,3 inches
Mitch Moreland6 feet,3 inches
Orber Moreno6 feet,3 inches
Mike Morgan6 feet,3 inches
Alvin Morman6 feet,3 inches
Bryan Morris6 feet,3 inches
Hal Morris6 feet,3 inches
Jack Morris6 feet,3 inches
Jim Morris6 feet,3 inches
Logan Morrison6 feet,3 inches
Brandon Morrow6 feet,3 inches
Lloyd Moseby6 feet,3 inches
Jerry Moses6 feet,3 inches
Chad Mottola6 feet,3 inches
Peter Moylan6 feet,3 inches
Les Mueller6 feet,3 inches
Edward Mujica6 feet,3 inches
Terry Mulholland6 feet,3 inches
Oscar Munoz6 feet,3 inches
Eric Munson6 feet,3 inches
Red Murff6 feet,3 inches
David Murphy6 feet,3 inches
Sean Murphy6 feet,3 inches
Tom Murphy6 feet,3 inches
A. J. Murray6 feet,3 inches
Ray Murray6 feet,3 inches
Alex Mustaikis6 feet,3 inches
Hap Myers6 feet,3 inches
Mike Myers6 feet,3 inches
Wil Myers6 feet,3 inches
Jack Nabors6 feet,3 inches
Clint Nageotte6 feet,3 inches
Charles Nagy6 feet,3 inches
Mike Nagy6 feet,3 inches
Jerry Narron6 feet,3 inches
Chris Narveson6 feet,3 inches
Zach Neal6 feet,3 inches
Gary Neibauer6 feet,3 inches
Emmett Nelson6 feet,3 inches
Roger Nelson6 feet,3 inches
Tex Nelson6 feet,3 inches
Pat Neshek6 feet,3 inches
Nick Neugebauer6 feet,3 inches
Dovydas Neverauskas6 feet,3 inches
Fred Newman6 feet,3 inches
Bobo Newsom6 feet,3 inches
Justin Nicolino6 feet,3 inches
Lance Niekro6 feet,3 inches
Jerry Nielsen6 feet,3 inches
Jonathon Niese6 feet,3 inches
Kirk Nieuwenhuis6 feet,3 inches
Juan Nieves6 feet,3 inches
Dave Nilsson6 feet,3 inches
Brandon Nimmo6 feet,3 inches
Ron Nischwitz6 feet,3 inches
Eric Nolte6 feet,3 inches
Lars Nootbaar6 feet,3 inches
Aaron Northcraft6 feet,3 inches
Jim Northrup6 feet,3 inches
Chet Nourse6 feet,3 inches
Abraham Nunez6 feet,3 inches
Jhonny Nunez6 feet,3 inches
Jose Nunez6 feet,3 inches
Joe Nuxhall6 feet,3 inches
Jack O'Connor6 feet,3 inches
Mike O'Connor6 feet,3 inches
George O'Donnell6 feet,3 inches
Bryan Oelkers6 feet,3 inches
Ryan O'Hearn6 feet,3 inches
John Oldham6 feet,3 inches
Steve Olin6 feet,3 inches
Jose Oliva6 feet,3 inches
Andy Oliver6 feet,3 inches
Bob Oliver6 feet,3 inches
Darren Oliver6 feet,3 inches
Joe Oliver6 feet,3 inches
Karl Olson6 feet,3 inches
Tyler Olson6 feet,3 inches
Emmett O'Neill6 feet,3 inches
Harry O'Neill6 feet,3 inches
Don O'Riley6 feet,3 inches
Eddie Oropesa6 feet,3 inches
Ryan O'Rourke6 feet,3 inches
John Orsino6 feet,3 inches
David Ortiz6 feet,3 inches
Luis Ortiz6 feet,3 inches
Bill Oster6 feet,3 inches
Al Osuna6 feet,3 inches
Dan Otero6 feet,3 inches
Denny O'Toole6 feet,3 inches
Glenn Otto6 feet,3 inches
Henry Owens6 feet,3 inches
Jerry Owens6 feet,3 inches
Paul Owens6 feet,3 inches
Rudy Owens6 feet,3 inches
Rick Ownbey6 feet,3 inches
John Pacella6 feet,3 inches
Alex Pacheco6 feet,3 inches
Jim Paciorek6 feet,3 inches
Joe Page6 feet,3 inches
Satchel Paige6 feet,3 inches
Vicente Palacios6 feet,3 inches
Jim Palmer6 feet,3 inches
Mike Palm6 feet,3 inches
Ed Palmquist6 feet,3 inches
Al Papai6 feet,3 inches
Milt Pappas6 feet,3 inches
Jimmy Paredes6 feet,3 inches
Mike Parisi6 feet,3 inches
Blake Parker6 feet,3 inches
Harry Parker6 feet,3 inches
Roy Parker6 feet,3 inches
Bobby Parnell6 feet,3 inches
Rube Parnham6 feet,3 inches
Manny Parra6 feet,3 inches
Larry Parrish6 feet,3 inches
Lance Parrish6 feet,3 inches
Larry Pashnick6 feet,3 inches
Claude Passeau6 feet,3 inches
Bob Pate6 feet,3 inches
Red Patterson6 feet,3 inches
David Patton6 feet,3 inches
Carlos Paula6 feet,3 inches
Felipe Paulino6 feet,3 inches
Ronny Paulino6 feet,3 inches
Roger Pavlik6 feet,3 inches
Josh Pearce6 feet,3 inches
Brock Pemberton6 feet,3 inches
Ariel Pena6 feet,3 inches
Hipolito Pena6 feet,3 inches
Wily Mo Pena6 feet,3 inches
Lance Pendleton6 feet,3 inches
Hayden Penn6 feet,3 inches
Troy Percival6 feet,3 inches
Carlos Perez6 feet,3 inches
Hector Perez6 feet,3 inches
Miguel Perez6 feet,3 inches
Oliver Perez6 feet,3 inches
Rafael Perez6 feet,3 inches
Robert Perez6 feet,3 inches
Salvador Perez6 feet,3 inches
Jon Perlman6 feet,3 inches
Adam Peterson6 feet,3 inches
Adam Peterson6 feet,3 inches
Brock Peterson6 feet,3 inches
Kyle Peterson6 feet,3 inches
Sid Peterson6 feet,3 inches
Adam Pettyjohn6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Pfeffer6 feet,3 inches
Monty Pfyl6 feet,3 inches
Josh Phelps6 feet,3 inches
Tommy Phelps6 feet,3 inches
Heath Phillips6 feet,3 inches
Red Phillips6 feet,3 inches
Mike Piazza6 feet,3 inches
A. J. Pierzynski6 feet,3 inches
Jess Pike6 feet,3 inches
Duane Pillette6 feet,3 inches
Stolmy Pimentel6 feet,3 inches
Zach Plesac6 feet,3 inches
Walter Plock6 feet,3 inches
Adam Plutko6 feet,3 inches
Colin Poche6 feet,3 inches
Tom Poholsky6 feet,3 inches
Dick Pole6 feet,3 inches
Daniel Ponce de Leon6 feet,3 inches
Sean Poppen6 feet,3 inches
Chuck Porter6 feet,3 inches
Arnie Portocarrero6 feet,3 inches
Mike Porzio6 feet,3 inches
Lou Pote6 feet,3 inches
Dennis Powell6 feet,3 inches
Landon Powell6 feet,3 inches
Willie Prall6 feet,3 inches
Todd Pratt6 feet,3 inches
Ariel Prieto6 feet,3 inches
Bret Prinz6 feet,3 inches
Bill Prough6 feet,3 inches
Brandon Puffer6 feet,3 inches
Albert Pujols6 feet,3 inches
Bill Pulsipher6 feet,3 inches
Cal Quantrill6 feet,3 inches
Bill Quarles6 feet,3 inches
Tom Quinlan6 feet,3 inches
Rafael Quirico6 feet,3 inches
Josh Rabe6 feet,3 inches
Scott Radinsky6 feet,3 inches
Aaron Rakers6 feet,3 inches
Cal Raleigh6 feet,3 inches
Brooks Raley6 feet,3 inches
Edwar Ramirez6 feet,3 inches
Elvin Ramirez6 feet,3 inches
Hector Ramirez6 feet,3 inches
Noe Ramirez6 feet,3 inches
Scott Randall6 feet,3 inches
Steve Randolph6 feet,3 inches
Pat Rapp6 feet,3 inches
Eric Rasmussen6 feet,3 inches
Darrell Rasner6 feet,3 inches
Fred Rath6 feet,3 inches
Fred Rath6 feet,3 inches
Chris Ray6 feet,3 inches
Robert Ray6 feet,3 inches
Chris Rearick6 feet,3 inches
Prentice Redman6 feet,3 inches
Todd Redmond6 feet,3 inches
Chris Reed6 feet,3 inches
Rich Reese6 feet,3 inches
Stan Rees6 feet,3 inches
Phil Regan6 feet,3 inches
Dan Reichert6 feet,3 inches
Rick Reichardt6 feet,3 inches
Earl Reid6 feet,3 inches
Sean Reid-Foley6 feet,3 inches
John Reilly6 feet,3 inches
Zac Reininger6 feet,3 inches
Bryan Rekar6 feet,3 inches
Jim Reninger6 feet,3 inches
Bill Renna6 feet,3 inches
Roger Repoz6 feet,3 inches
Chris Resop6 feet,3 inches
Rick Reuschel6 feet,3 inches
Dennys Reyes6 feet,3 inches
Bryan Reynolds6 feet,3 inches
Shane Reynolds6 feet,3 inches
Rick Rhoden6 feet,3 inches
Frank Riccelli6 feet,3 inches
Duane Richards6 feet,3 inches
Jack Richardson6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Richardson6 feet,3 inches
Kevin Richardson6 feet,3 inches
Denny Riddleberger6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Ridgway6 feet,3 inches
Jerrod Riggan6 feet,3 inches
Ron Rightnowar6 feet,3 inches
Austin Riley6 feet,3 inches
Andy Rincon6 feet,3 inches
Edwin Rios6 feet,3 inches
Juan Rios6 feet,3 inches
Yacksel Rios6 feet,3 inches
Allen Ripley6 feet,3 inches
Ray Rippelmeyer6 feet,3 inches
Todd Ritchie6 feet,3 inches
Jim Rittwage6 feet,3 inches
Carlos Rivero6 feet,3 inches
Luis Rivera6 feet,3 inches
Yadiel Rivera6 feet,3 inches
Anthony Rizzo6 feet,3 inches
Todd Rizzo6 feet,3 inches
Dave Roberts6 feet,3 inches
Dave Roberts6 feet,3 inches
Grant Roberts6 feet,3 inches
Jim Roberts6 feet,3 inches
Leon Roberts6 feet,3 inches
Willis Roberts6 feet,3 inches
Tom Robson6 feet,3 inches
Andre Rodgers6 feet,3 inches
Carlos Rodon6 feet,3 inches
Alex Rodriguez6 feet,3 inches
Fernando Rodriguez6 feet,3 inches
Rick Rodriguez6 feet,3 inches
Ricardo Rodriguez6 feet,3 inches
Roberto Rodriguez6 feet,3 inches
Paco Rodriguez6 feet,3 inches
Wilfredo Rodriguez6 feet,3 inches
Gary Roenicke6 feet,3 inches
Josh Roenicke6 feet,3 inches
Esmil Rogers6 feet,3 inches
Josh Rogers6 feet,3 inches
Mark Rogers6 feet,3 inches
Taylor Rogers6 feet,3 inches
Tyler Rogers6 feet,3 inches
Billy Rohr6 feet,3 inches
Jim Roland6 feet,3 inches
Jamie Romak6 feet,3 inches
Enny Romero6 feet,3 inches
Seth Romero6 feet,3 inches
Bruce Rondon6 feet,3 inches
Hector Rondon6 feet,3 inches
Matt Roney6 feet,3 inches
Brent Rooker6 feet,3 inches
Rolando Roomes6 feet,3 inches
Brian Rose6 feet,3 inches
Don Rose6 feet,3 inches
B. J. Rosenberg6 feet,3 inches
Gene Rounsaville6 feet,3 inches
Mike Rowland6 feet,3 inches
Ryan Rowland-Smith6 feet,3 inches
Stan Royer6 feet,3 inches
Jorge Rubio6 feet,3 inches
Kirk Rueter6 feet,3 inches
Johnny Ruffin6 feet,3 inches
Randy Ruiz6 feet,3 inches
Sean Runyan6 feet,3 inches
Josh Rupe6 feet,3 inches
Andy Rush6 feet,3 inches
Dick Ruthven6 feet,3 inches
Jason Ryan6 feet,3 inches
Ken Ryan6 feet,3 inches
Hyun Jin Ryu6 feet,3 inches
Jae Kuk Ryu6 feet,3 inches
Erik Sabel6 feet,3 inches
Mark Saccomanno6 feet,3 inches
Casey Sadler6 feet,3 inches
Jim Sadowski6 feet,3 inches
Chris Saenz6 feet,3 inches
Slim Sallee6 feet,3 inches
Brad Salmon6 feet,3 inches
Tim Salmon6 feet,3 inches
Carlos Sanabria6 feet,3 inches
Felix Sanchez6 feet,3 inches
Jesus Sanchez6 feet,3 inches
Miguel Sanchez6 feet,3 inches
Jared Sandberg6 feet,3 inches
Dee Sanders6 feet,3 inches
Patrick Sandoval6 feet,3 inches
Jack Sanford6 feet,3 inches
Jose Santiago6 feet,3 inches
Tony Santillan6 feet,3 inches
Antonio Santos6 feet,3 inches
Nelson Santovenia6 feet,3 inches
Rob Sasser6 feet,3 inches
Hank Sauer6 feet,3 inches
Scott Sauerbeck6 feet,3 inches
Dennis Saunders6 feet,3 inches
Joe Saunders6 feet,3 inches
Jack Savage6 feet,3 inches
Joe Savery6 feet,3 inches
Josh Sborz6 feet,3 inches
Mac Scarce6 feet,3 inches
Mac Sceroler6 feet,3 inches
Gene Schall6 feet,3 inches
Charley Schanz6 feet,3 inches
Rich Scheid6 feet,3 inches
Jim Schelle6 feet,3 inches
Max Scherzer6 feet,3 inches
Brian Schlitter6 feet,3 inches
Dan Schneider6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Schneider6 feet,3 inches
John Schneider6 feet,3 inches
Gerry Schoen6 feet,3 inches
Mike Schooler6 feet,3 inches
Steve Schrenk6 feet,3 inches
Chris Schroder6 feet,3 inches
Art Schult6 feet,3 inches
Bob Schultz6 feet,3 inches
Bo Schultz6 feet,3 inches
Don Schulze6 feet,3 inches
Randy Schwartz6 feet,3 inches
Chris Schwinden6 feet,3 inches
Ed Scott6 feet,3 inches
Robby Scott6 feet,3 inches
Tayler Scott6 feet,3 inches
Evan Scribner6 feet,3 inches
Troy Scribner6 feet,3 inches
Manny Seoane6 feet,3 inches
Walter Sessi6 feet,3 inches
Al Severinsen6 feet,3 inches
Paul Sewald6 feet,3 inches
Frank Seward6 feet,3 inches
Richie Shaffer6 feet,3 inches
Mike Shannon6 feet,3 inches
Mike Sharperson6 feet,3 inches
Sterling Sharp6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Shaver6 feet,3 inches
George Shears6 feet,3 inches
Steve Shea6 feet,3 inches
Earl Sheely6 feet,3 inches
Larry Sheets6 feet,3 inches
Scott Sheldon6 feet,3 inches
Ben Shelton6 feet,3 inches
Pat Sheridan6 feet,3 inches
James Shields6 feet,3 inches
Zak Shinall6 feet,3 inches
Ray Shore6 feet,3 inches
Paul Shuey6 feet,3 inches
Sonny Siebert6 feet,3 inches
Bill Simas6 feet,3 inches
Joe Simpson6 feet,3 inches
Steve Simpson6 feet,3 inches
Wayne Simpson6 feet,3 inches
Chance Sisco6 feet,3 inches
Tommie Sisk6 feet,3 inches
Pete Sivess6 feet,3 inches
Joe Skalski6 feet,3 inches
Roe Skidmore6 feet,3 inches
Matt Skrmetta6 feet,3 inches
Tarik Skubal6 feet,3 inches
Roger Slagle6 feet,3 inches
Anthony Slama6 feet,3 inches
Heathcliff Slocumb6 feet,3 inches
Kevin Slowey6 feet,3 inches
Hank Small6 feet,3 inches
Mark Small6 feet,3 inches
Roy Smalley6 feet,3 inches
Devin Smeltzer6 feet,3 inches
Bob Smith6 feet,3 inches
Chad Smith6 feet,3 inches
Dan Smith6 feet,3 inches
Frank Smith6 feet,3 inches
Hal Smith6 feet,3 inches
Jason Smith6 feet,3 inches
Jim Smith6 feet,3 inches
Jordan Smith6 feet,3 inches
Josh Smith6 feet,3 inches
Mark Smith6 feet,3 inches
Mike Smith6 feet,3 inches
Murphy Smith6 feet,3 inches
Roy Smith6 feet,3 inches
Roger Smithberg6 feet,3 inches
Seth Smith6 feet,3 inches
John Smoltz6 feet,3 inches
Van Snider6 feet,3 inches
Brian Snyder6 feet,3 inches
Brad Snyder6 feet,3 inches
Cooney Snyder6 feet,3 inches
John Snyder6 feet,3 inches
Steve Soderstrom6 feet,3 inches
Clint Sodowsky6 feet,3 inches
Andy Sonnanstine6 feet,3 inches
Joakim Soria6 feet,3 inches
Bill Spanswick6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Sparks6 feet,3 inches
Charlie Spikes6 feet,3 inches
Paul Splittorff6 feet,3 inches
Paul Spoljaric6 feet,3 inches
Tim Spooneybarger6 feet,3 inches
George Springer6 feet,3 inches
Jeffrey Springs6 feet,3 inches
Charlie Sproull6 feet,3 inches
Virgil Stallcup6 feet,3 inches
Jason Standridge6 feet,3 inches
Daniel Stange6 feet,3 inches
Rob Stanifer6 feet,3 inches
Dick Starr6 feet,3 inches
Joe Staton6 feet,3 inches
Josh Staumont6 feet,3 inches
Randy St. Claire6 feet,3 inches
Earl Stephenson6 feet,3 inches
Gene Stephens6 feet,3 inches
Robert Stephenson6 feet,3 inches
Dave Stevens6 feet,3 inches
Brock Stewart6 feet,3 inches
Ian Stewart6 feet,3 inches
Josh Stewart6 feet,3 inches
Kohl Stewart6 feet,3 inches
Sammy Stewart6 feet,3 inches
Dick Stigman6 feet,3 inches
Locke St. John6 feet,3 inches
George Stone6 feet,3 inches
Todd Stottlemyre6 feet,3 inches
Eric Stout6 feet,3 inches
Chris Stowers6 feet,3 inches
Hunter Strickland6 feet,3 inches
Ross Stripling6 feet,3 inches
Brent Strom6 feet,3 inches
Moose Stubing6 feet,3 inches
Everett Stull6 feet,3 inches
Albert Suarez6 feet,3 inches
Lefty Sullivan6 feet,3 inches
Scott Sullivan6 feet,3 inches
Rich Surhoff6 feet,3 inches
Glenn Sutko6 feet,3 inches
Mule Suttles6 feet,3 inches
Drew Sutton6 feet,3 inches
Mac Suzuki6 feet,3 inches
Craig Swan6 feet,3 inches
Erik Swanson6 feet,3 inches
R. J. Swindle6 feet,3 inches
Jon Switzer6 feet,3 inches
Pat Tabler6 feet,3 inches
Tim Talton6 feet,3 inches
Masahiro Tanaka6 feet,3 inches
Bruce Tanner6 feet,3 inches
Domingo Tapia6 feet,3 inches
Raimel Tapia6 feet,3 inches
Ted Tappe6 feet,3 inches
Jack Taschner6 feet,3 inches
Randy Tate6 feet,3 inches
Stu Tate6 feet,3 inches
Fernando Tatis6 feet,3 inches
Ben Taylor6 feet,3 inches
Bill Taylor6 feet,3 inches
Blake Taylor6 feet,3 inches
Fred Taylor6 feet,3 inches
Graham Taylor6 feet,3 inches
Kerry Taylor6 feet,3 inches
Scott Taylor6 feet,3 inches
Mark Teahen6 feet,3 inches
Mark Teixeira6 feet,3 inches
Dave Telgheder6 feet,3 inches
Tom Tellmann6 feet,3 inches
Chuck Templeton6 feet,3 inches
Greg Terlecky6 feet,3 inches
Luis Terrero6 feet,3 inches
Ralph Terry6 feet,3 inches
Jay Tessmer6 feet,3 inches
Moe Thacker6 feet,3 inches
Duane Theiss6 feet,3 inches
Jesen Therrien6 feet,3 inches
Bobby Thigpen6 feet,3 inches
Frank Thomas6 feet,3 inches
George Thomas6 feet,3 inches
Justin Thomas6 feet,3 inches
Aaron Thompson6 feet,3 inches
Andy Thompson6 feet,3 inches
Mike Thompson6 feet,3 inches
Rich Thompson6 feet,3 inches
Ryan Thompson6 feet,3 inches
Scot Thompson6 feet,3 inches
Trayce Thompson6 feet,3 inches
John Thomson6 feet,3 inches
Scott Thorman6 feet,3 inches
Andre Thornton6 feet,3 inches
Jay Tibbs6 feet,3 inches
Tip Tobin6 feet,3 inches
Jorge Toca6 feet,3 inches
Kevin Tolar6 feet,3 inches
Brian Tollberg6 feet,3 inches
Mike Tonis6 feet,3 inches
Earl Torgeson6 feet,3 inches
Dilson Torres6 feet,3 inches
Kelvin Torve6 feet,3 inches
Touki Toussaint6 feet,3 inches
Sean Tracey6 feet,3 inches
Steve Trachsel6 feet,3 inches
Andy Tracy6 feet,3 inches
Matt Tracy6 feet,3 inches
Bubba Trammell6 feet,3 inches
John Trautwein6 feet,3 inches
Gus Triandos6 feet,3 inches
Bob Trice6 feet,3 inches
Ricky Trlicek6 feet,3 inches
Hal Trosky6 feet,3 inches
Cole Tucker6 feet,3 inches
T. J. Tucker6 feet,3 inches
Sam Tuivailala6 feet,3 inches
Troy Tulowitzki6 feet,3 inches
Derrick Turnbow6 feet,3 inches
Spencer Turnbull6 feet,3 inches
Tim Unroe6 feet,3 inches
B. J. Upton6 feet,3 inches
John Urrea6 feet,3 inches
Ismael Valdez6 feet,3 inches
Merkin Valdez6 feet,3 inches
Rene Valdes6 feet,3 inches
Fred Van Dusen6 feet,3 inches
Andy Van Hekken6 feet,3 inches
Pete Varney6 feet,3 inches
Virgil Vasquez6 feet,3 inches
Farmer Vaughn6 feet,3 inches
Guillermo Velasquez6 feet,3 inches
Vince Velasquez6 feet,3 inches
Will Venable6 feet,3 inches
Jonny Venters6 feet,3 inches
Randy Veres6 feet,3 inches
Matt Vierling6 feet,3 inches
Ron Villone6 feet,3 inches
Dave Vineyard6 feet,3 inches
Charlie Vinson6 feet,3 inches
Luke Voit6 feet,3 inches
Cy Vorhees6 feet,3 inches
Brandon Waddell6 feet,3 inches
Ben Wade6 feet,3 inches
Konner Wade6 feet,3 inches
Terrell Wade6 feet,3 inches
Hector Wagner6 feet,3 inches
Paul Wagner6 feet,3 inches
Tyler Wagner6 feet,3 inches
Bobby Wahl6 feet,3 inches
Rick Waits6 feet,3 inches
Mitch Walding6 feet,3 inches
Bob Walk6 feet,3 inches
Greg Walker6 feet,3 inches
Mike Walker6 feet,3 inches
Tyler Walker6 feet,3 inches
Derek Wallace6 feet,3 inches
Jack Wallaesa6 feet,3 inches
Tim Wallach6 feet,3 inches
Murray Wall6 feet,3 inches
Lee Walls6 feet,3 inches
Les Walrond6 feet,3 inches
Reggie Walton6 feet,3 inches
Colin Ward6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Ware6 feet,3 inches
Art Warren6 feet,3 inches
Scott Watkins6 feet,3 inches
Allen Watson6 feet,3 inches
Tony Watson6 feet,3 inches
Jim Waugh6 feet,3 inches
Gary Wayne6 feet,3 inches
Justin Wayne6 feet,3 inches
David Weathers6 feet,3 inches
Jim Weaver6 feet,3 inches
Roger Weaver6 feet,3 inches
Brandon Webb6 feet,3 inches
Daniel Webb6 feet,3 inches
Hank Webb6 feet,3 inches
John Webb6 feet,3 inches
Eric Wedge6 feet,3 inches
Jordan Weems6 feet,3 inches
John Wehner6 feet,3 inches
Dick Weik6 feet,3 inches
Zack Weiss6 feet,3 inches
Bob Welch6 feet,3 inches
Johnny Welch6 feet,3 inches
David Wells6 feet,3 inches
Kip Wells6 feet,3 inches
Terry Wells6 feet,3 inches
Fred Wenz6 feet,3 inches
Jake Westbrook6 feet,3 inches
Dan Wheeler6 feet,3 inches
Gary Wheelock6 feet,3 inches
Ryan Wheeler6 feet,3 inches
Jack Whillock6 feet,3 inches
Matt Whisenant6 feet,3 inches
Alex White6 feet,3 inches
Bill White6 feet,3 inches
Ed Whited6 feet,3 inches
Eli White6 feet,3 inches
Evan White6 feet,3 inches
Josh Whitesell6 feet,3 inches
Mark Whiten6 feet,3 inches
Mitch White6 feet,3 inches
Sammy White6 feet,3 inches
Wally Whitehurst6 feet,3 inches
Kodi Whitley6 feet,3 inches
Dan Whitmer6 feet,3 inches
Ed Whitson6 feet,3 inches
Dave Wickersham6 feet,3 inches
Rowan Wick6 feet,3 inches
Chris Widger6 feet,3 inches
Al Widmar6 feet,3 inches
Charlie Wiedemeyer6 feet,3 inches
Bob Wiesler6 feet,3 inches
Scott Wiggins6 feet,3 inches
Del Wilber6 feet,3 inches
Jim Wilhelm6 feet,3 inches
Al Williams6 feet,3 inches
Austen Williams6 feet,3 inches
Billy Williams6 feet,3 inches
Brian Williams6 feet,3 inches
David Williams6 feet,3 inches
Earl Williams6 feet,3 inches
Jerome Williams6 feet,3 inches
Jim Willis6 feet,3 inches
Joe Williams6 feet,3 inches
Mitch Williams6 feet,3 inches
Mutt Williams6 feet,3 inches
Nick Williams6 feet,3 inches
Randy Williams6 feet,3 inches
Ted Williams6 feet,3 inches
Todd Williams6 feet,3 inches
Trevor Williams6 feet,3 inches
Dan Wilson6 feet,3 inches
Earl Wilson6 feet,3 inches
Gary Wilson6 feet,3 inches
Jim Wilson6 feet,3 inches
Mutt Wilson6 feet,3 inches
Tom Wilson6 feet,3 inches
Willie Wilson6 feet,3 inches
Jesse Winker6 feet,3 inches
Joe Winkelsas6 feet,3 inches
Dan Winkler6 feet,3 inches
Jim Winn6 feet,3 inches
Hank Winston6 feet,3 inches
Matt Winters6 feet,3 inches
Matt Wisler6 feet,3 inches
Jack Wisner6 feet,3 inches
Shannon Withem6 feet,3 inches
Chris Withrow6 feet,3 inches
Corky Withrow6 feet,3 inches
Ron Witmeyer6 feet,3 inches
Red Witt6 feet,3 inches
Ed Wolfe6 feet,3 inches
Brandon Wood6 feet,3 inches
Hal Woodeshick6 feet,3 inches
Mike Wood6 feet,3 inches
Al Woods6 feet,3 inches
Tracy Woodson6 feet,3 inches
Rob Woodward6 feet,3 inches
Mel Wright6 feet,3 inches
Ricky Wright6 feet,3 inches
Billy Wynne6 feet,3 inches
Biff Wysong6 feet,3 inches
Jimmy Yacabonis6 feet,3 inches
Ed Yarnall6 feet,3 inches
Christian Yelich6 feet,3 inches
Jim York6 feet,3 inches
Alex Young6 feet,3 inches
Chief Youngblood6 feet,3 inches
Delmon Young6 feet,3 inches
John Young6 feet,3 inches
Kevin Young6 feet,3 inches
Matt Young6 feet,3 inches
Madison Younginer6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Yurak6 feet,3 inches
Daniel Zamora6 feet,3 inches
Rob Zastryzny6 feet,3 inches
Kyle Zimmer6 feet,3 inches
Ryan Zimmerman6 feet,3 inches
Bud Zipfel6 feet,3 inches
Ben Zobrist6 feet,3 inches
Joel Zumaya6 feet,3 inches
Tony Zych6 feet,3 inches
David Aardsma6 feet,3 inches
Tommie Aaron6 feet,3 inches
Don Aase6 feet,3 inches
Jim Abbott6 feet,3 inches
Paul Abbott6 feet,3 inches
Reggie Abercrombie6 feet,3 inches
Jose Abreu6 feet,3 inches
Jason Adam6 feet,3 inches
Austin Adams6 feet,3 inches
Doug Adams6 feet,3 inches
Matt Adams6 feet,3 inches
Terry Adams6 feet,3 inches
Jo Adell6 feet,3 inches
Nick Adenhart6 feet,3 inches
Jesus Aguilar6 feet,3 inches
Pat Ahearne6 feet,3 inches
Willie Aikens6 feet,3 inches
Kurt Ainsworth6 feet,3 inches
Joe Albanese6 feet,3 inches
Jorge Alcala6 feet,3 inches
Jay Aldrich6 feet,3 inches
Dale Alexander6 feet,3 inches
Doyle Alexander6 feet,3 inches
Jorge Alfaro6 feet,3 inches
Logan Allen6 feet,3 inches
Neil Allen6 feet,3 inches
Ron Allen6 feet,3 inches
Nick Allgeyer6 feet,3 inches
Bob Allison6 feet,3 inches
Dana Allison6 feet,3 inches
Armando Almanza6 feet,3 inches
Bill Almon6 feet,3 inches
Edwin Almonte6 feet,3 inches
Pete Alonso6 feet,3 inches
Moises Alou6 feet,3 inches
George Alusik6 feet,3 inches
Pedro Alvarez6 feet,3 inches
Tavo Alvarez6 feet,3 inches
Brant Alyea6 feet,3 inches
Vicente Amor6 feet,3 inches
Brian Anderson6 feet,3 inches
Bud Anderson6 feet,3 inches
Drew Anderson6 feet,3 inches
Garret Anderson6 feet,3 inches
Harry Anderson6 feet,3 inches
Ian Anderson6 feet,3 inches
Justin Anderson6 feet,3 inches
Larry Anderson6 feet,3 inches
Larry Andersen6 feet,3 inches
Mike Anderson6 feet,3 inches
Red Anderson6 feet,3 inches
Mike Andrews6 feet,3 inches
Wally Andrews6 feet,3 inches
Pedro Araujo6 feet,3 inches
Jose Arcia6 feet,3 inches
Alex Arias6 feet,3 inches
Buzz Arlett6 feet,3 inches
Steve Arlin6 feet,3 inches
Mike Armstrong6 feet,3 inches
Bronson Arroyo6 feet,3 inches
Paul Assenmacher6 feet,3 inches
Ezequiel Astacio6 feet,3 inches
Justin Atchley6 feet,3 inches
James Atkins6 feet,3 inches
Don August6 feet,3 inches
Doug Ault6 feet,3 inches
Bill Ayers6 feet,3 inches
Joe Ayrault6 feet,3 inches
Ed Baecht6 feet,3 inches
Danys Baez6 feet,3 inches
Andrew Bailey6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Baisley6 feet,3 inches
John Balaz6 feet,3 inches
Steve Balboni6 feet,3 inches
James Baldwin6 feet,3 inches
Rick Baldwin6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Ballard6 feet,3 inches
Brian Banks6 feet,3 inches
Josh Banks6 feet,3 inches
Caleb Baragar6 feet,3 inches
Red Barbary6 feet,3 inches
Curt Barclay6 feet,3 inches
Josh Bard6 feet,3 inches
Luke Bard6 feet,3 inches
Sean Barker6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Barkley6 feet,3 inches
Scott Barlow6 feet,3 inches
Rex Barney6 feet,3 inches
Kyle Barraclough6 feet,3 inches
Aaron Barrett6 feet,3 inches
Michael Barrett6 feet,3 inches
Jim Barr6 feet,3 inches
Ed Barry6 feet,3 inches
Brian Barton6 feet,3 inches
Shawn Barton6 feet,3 inches
Norm Bass6 feet,3 inches
John Bateman6 feet,3 inches
Russ Bauers6 feet,3 inches
Ed Bauta6 feet,3 inches
Gerson Bautista6 feet,3 inches
Trey Beamon6 feet,3 inches
Gene Bearden6 feet,3 inches
Jeremy Beasley6 feet,3 inches
Chris Beck6 feet,3 inches
Rich Beck6 feet,3 inches
Joe Beckwith6 feet,3 inches
Phil Bedgood6 feet,3 inches
Steve Bedrosian6 feet,3 inches
Andy Beene6 feet,3 inches
Seth Beer6 feet,3 inches
Joe Beimel6 feet,3 inches
Tim Belcher6 feet,3 inches
Mike Belfiore6 feet,3 inches
Stan Belinda6 feet,3 inches
Matt Belisle6 feet,3 inches
Ronald Belisario6 feet,3 inches
Tim Belk6 feet,3 inches
Bill Bell6 feet,3 inches
Chad Bell6 feet,3 inches
Heath Bell6 feet,3 inches
Clay Bellinger6 feet,3 inches
Duane Below6 feet,3 inches
Brandon Belt6 feet,3 inches
Omar Beltre6 feet,3 inches
Mike Benjamin6 feet,3 inches
Dennis Bennett6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Bennett6 feet,3 inches
Jason Bere6 feet,3 inches
Bruce Berenyi6 feet,3 inches
Justin Berg6 feet,3 inches
Jason Bergmann6 feet,3 inches
Fred Besana6 feet,3 inches
Christian Bethancourt6 feet,3 inches
Jim Bethke6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Bettendorf6 feet,3 inches
Bill Bevens6 feet,3 inches
Brian Bevil6 feet,3 inches
Dante Bichette6 feet,3 inches
Rocky Biddle6 feet,3 inches
Shane Bieber6 feet,3 inches
Mike Bielecki6 feet,3 inches
Kyle Bird6 feet,3 inches
Bud Black6 feet,3 inches
Charlie Blackmon6 feet,3 inches
Ray Black6 feet,3 inches
Travis Blackley6 feet,3 inches
Joe Blanton6 feet,3 inches
Steve Blateric6 feet,3 inches
Richard Bleier6 feet,3 inches
Greg Blosser6 feet,3 inches
Bert Blue6 feet,3 inches
Geoff Blum6 feet,3 inches
Bert Blyleven6 feet,3 inches
Bruce Bochte6 feet,3 inches
Doug Bochtler6 feet,3 inches
Bruce Bochy6 feet,3 inches
Brian Bogusevic6 feet,3 inches
Jung Bong6 feet,3 inches
Bill Bonham6 feet,3 inches
Bobby Bonilla6 feet,3 inches
Barry Bonnell6 feet,3 inches
Chris Booker6 feet,3 inches
Josh Booty6 feet,3 inches
John Boozer6 feet,3 inches
Bill Bordley6 feet,3 inches
Tom Borland6 feet,3 inches
Buddy Boshers6 feet,3 inches
Chris Bosio6 feet,3 inches
Shawn Boskie6 feet,3 inches
Thad Bosley6 feet,3 inches
Daryl Boston6 feet,3 inches
Dave Boswell6 feet,3 inches
Kent Bottenfield6 feet,3 inches
Jake Boultes6 feet,3 inches
Michael Bowden6 feet,3 inches
Brent Bowers6 feet,3 inches
Charlie Bowles6 feet,3 inches
Travis Bowyer6 feet,3 inches
Jason Boyd6 feet,3 inches
Matt Boyd6 feet,3 inches
Blaine Boyer6 feet,3 inches
Eddie Boyle6 feet,3 inches
Jed Bradley6 feet,3 inches
Glenn Braggs6 feet,3 inches
Norm Branch6 feet,3 inches
Ralph Branca6 feet,3 inches
Bill Bray6 feet,3 inches
Craig Brazell6 feet,3 inches
William Brennan6 feet,3 inches
Charles Brewer6 feet,3 inches
Rod Brewer6 feet,3 inches
Ralph Brickner6 feet,3 inches
Jake Brigham6 feet,3 inches
John Briscoe6 feet,3 inches
Chris Britton6 feet,3 inches
Pete Broberg6 feet,3 inches
Greg Brock6 feet,3 inches
Tarrik Brock6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Bronkey6 feet,3 inches
Jim Bronstad6 feet,3 inches
Joe Brovia6 feet,3 inches
Brant Brown6 feet,3 inches
Brooks Brown6 feet,3 inches
Eddie Brown6 feet,3 inches
Norm Brown6 feet,3 inches
Scott Brow6 feet,3 inches
Keon Broxton6 feet,3 inches
JT Brubaker6 feet,3 inches
Bob Bruce6 feet,3 inches
Jay Bruce6 feet,3 inches
Brian Bruney6 feet,3 inches
Warren Brusstar6 feet,3 inches
Kris Bubic6 feet,3 inches
David Buchanan6 feet,3 inches
Clay Buchholz6 feet,3 inches
Taylor Buchholz6 feet,3 inches
John Buck6 feet,3 inches
Mike Buddie6 feet,3 inches
Jay Buhner6 feet,3 inches
Aaron Bummer6 feet,3 inches
Jim Bunning6 feet,3 inches
Danny Burawa6 feet,3 inches
Larry Burchart6 feet,3 inches
Nick Burdi6 feet,3 inches
Zack Burdi6 feet,3 inches
Ambiorix Burgos6 feet,3 inches
William Burke6 feet,3 inches
Tim Burke6 feet,3 inches
Corbin Burnes6 feet,3 inches
Tom Burr6 feet,3 inches
Jim Burton6 feet,3 inches
Moe Burtschy6 feet,3 inches
Matt Buschmann6 feet,3 inches
Tom Buskey6 feet,3 inches
Ed Butka6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Byrd6 feet,3 inches
Cesar Cabral6 feet,3 inches
Mauricio Cabrera6 feet,3 inches
Greg Cadaret6 feet,3 inches
Matt Cain6 feet,3 inches
Napoleon Calzado6 feet,3 inches
Bill Campbell6 feet,3 inches
Dave Campbell6 feet,3 inches
Eric Campbell6 feet,3 inches
Mike Campbell6 feet,3 inches
Cardell Camper6 feet,3 inches
Vicente Campos6 feet,3 inches
Tom Candiotti6 feet,3 inches
John Caneira6 feet,3 inches
Barbaro Canizares6 feet,3 inches
Joe Cannon6 feet,3 inches
Jose Cano6 feet,3 inches
Jorge Cantu6 feet,3 inches
Ben Cardoni6 feet,3 inches
Cisco Carlos6 feet,3 inches
Leon Carlson6 feet,3 inches
Buddy Carlyle6 feet,3 inches
Don Carman6 feet,3 inches
Duke Carmel6 feet,3 inches
Drew Carpenter6 feet,3 inches
Bob Carpenter6 feet,3 inches
David Carpenter6 feet,3 inches
David Carpenter6 feet,3 inches
Cesar Carrillo6 feet,3 inches
Ed Carroll6 feet,3 inches
Tom Carroll6 feet,3 inches
Tom Carroll6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Carter6 feet,3 inches
Joe Carter6 feet,3 inches
Paul Carter6 feet,3 inches
Rico Carty6 feet,3 inches
Bobby Cassevah6 feet,3 inches
Daniel Castano6 feet,3 inches
Diego Castillo6 feet,3 inches
Jason Castro6 feet,3 inches
Ramon Castro6 feet,3 inches
Andy Cavazos6 feet,3 inches
Pug Cavet6 feet,3 inches
Garin Cecchini6 feet,3 inches
Rex Cecil6 feet,3 inches
Jhoulys Chacin6 feet,3 inches
Shawn Chacon6 feet,3 inches
Cliff Chambers6 feet,3 inches
Joba Chamberlain6 feet,3 inches
Dean Chance6 feet,3 inches
Kevin Chapman6 feet,3 inches
J. T. Chargois6 feet,3 inches
Norm Charlton6 feet,3 inches
Mitch Chetkovich6 feet,3 inches
Scott Chiasson6 feet,3 inches
Travis Chick6 feet,3 inches
John Christensen6 feet,3 inches
Mike Chris6 feet,3 inches
Neil Chrisley6 feet,3 inches
Russ Christopher6 feet,3 inches
Chuck Churn6 feet,3 inches
Al Cicotte6 feet,3 inches
Adam Cimber6 feet,3 inches
Jose Cisnero6 feet,3 inches
Anthony Claggett6 feet,3 inches
Bob Clark6 feet,3 inches
Cody Clark6 feet,3 inches
Phil Clark6 feet,3 inches
Gowell Claset6 feet,3 inches
Alex Claudio6 feet,3 inches
Ken Clay6 feet,3 inches
Sam Clay6 feet,3 inches
Matt Clement6 feet,3 inches
Paul Clemens6 feet,3 inches
Maikel Cleto6 feet,3 inches
Tyler Clippard6 feet,3 inches
Tyler Cloyd6 feet,3 inches
Danny Clyburn6 feet,3 inches
Tom Clyde6 feet,3 inches
Buck Coats6 feet,3 inches
Alex Cobb6 feet,3 inches
Gene Cocreham6 feet,3 inches
Rocky Colavito6 feet,3 inches
Mike Colbern6 feet,3 inches
Dave Coleman6 feet,3 inches
Gordy Coleman6 feet,3 inches
Joe Coleman6 feet,3 inches
Alvin Colina6 feet,3 inches
Zack Collins6 feet,3 inches
Josh Collmenter6 feet,3 inches
Larry Colton6 feet,3 inches
Tyler Colvin6 feet,3 inches
Pat Combs6 feet,3 inches
Steve Comer6 feet,3 inches
Clay Condrey6 feet,3 inches
Tony Conigliaro6 feet,3 inches
Adam Conley6 feet,3 inches
Fritzie Connally6 feet,3 inches
Roger Connor6 feet,3 inches
Aaron Cook6 feet,3 inches
Dennis Cook6 feet,3 inches
Mike Cook6 feet,3 inches
Tim Cooney6 feet,3 inches
Gary Cooper6 feet,3 inches
Pat Cooper6 feet,3 inches
Scott Cooper6 feet,3 inches
Walker Cooper6 feet,3 inches
Scott Copeland6 feet,3 inches
Francisco Cordero6 feet,3 inches
Franchy Cordero6 feet,3 inches
Brad Cornett6 feet,3 inches
Mardie Cornejo6 feet,3 inches
Manny Corpas6 feet,3 inches
Kevin Correia6 feet,3 inches
Jarred Cosart6 feet,3 inches
Caleb Cotham6 feet,3 inches
Kaleb Cowart6 feet,3 inches
Ted Cox6 feet,3 inches
Will Craig6 feet,3 inches
Jim Crawford6 feet,3 inches
Joe Crawford6 feet,3 inches
Paxton Crawford6 feet,3 inches
Joe Crede6 feet,3 inches
Stefan Crichton6 feet,3 inches
Bobby Crosby6 feet,3 inches
Zach Crouch6 feet,3 inches
Aaron Crow6 feet,3 inches
Ivan Cruz6 feet,3 inches
John Cummings6 feet,3 inches
Gene Curtis6 feet,3 inches
Omar Daal6 feet,3 inches
Bill Dailey6 feet,3 inches
Gene Dale6 feet,3 inches
Jeff D'Amico6 feet,3 inches
Pat Daneker6 feet,3 inches
Pat Darcy6 feet,3 inches
Ron Darling6 feet,3 inches
Mike Darr6 feet,3 inches
Danny Darwin6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Darwin6 feet,3 inches
Matt Davidson6 feet,3 inches
Chili Davis6 feet,3 inches
Dick Davis6 feet,3 inches
Erik Davis6 feet,3 inches
Glenn Davis6 feet,3 inches
J. D. Davis6 feet,3 inches
Kane Davis6 feet,3 inches
Mark Davis6 feet,3 inches
Peaches Davis6 feet,3 inches
Trench Davis6 feet,3 inches
Andre Dawson6 feet,3 inches
Steve Decker6 feet,3 inches
Sam Deduno6 feet,3 inches
Rob Deer6 feet,3 inches
Jose DeLeon6 feet,3 inches
Carlos Delgado6 feet,3 inches
Nick Delmonico6 feet,3 inches
Enyel De Los Santos6 feet,3 inches
Chris Demaria6 feet,3 inches
Bill Denehy6 feet,3 inches
John Denny6 feet,3 inches
Jim Derrington6 feet,3 inches
Paul Derringer6 feet,3 inches
Ian Desmond6 feet,3 inches
Chris Devenski6 feet,3 inches
Scott Diamond6 feet,3 inches
Thomas Diamond6 feet,3 inches
Carlos Diaz6 feet,3 inches
Edwin Diaz6 feet,3 inches
R. A. Dickey6 feet,3 inches
Frank DiMichele6 feet,3 inches
Pat Dobson6 feet,3 inches
Robert Dodd6 feet,3 inches
Brendan Donnelly6 feet,3 inches
Dick Donovan6 feet,3 inches
Brian Dorsett6 feet,3 inches
Larry Douglas6 feet,3 inches
Phil Douglas6 feet,3 inches
Darin Downs6 feet,3 inches
Buzz Dozier6 feet,3 inches
Moe Drabowsky6 feet,3 inches
Brian Drahman6 feet,3 inches
Ryan Drese6 feet,3 inches
Rob Dressler6 feet,3 inches
Steve Dreyer6 feet,3 inches
Tim Drummond6 feet,3 inches
Eric DuBose6 feet,3 inches
Justin Duchscherer6 feet,3 inches
Hal Dues6 feet,3 inches
Tyler Duffey6 feet,3 inches
Danny Duffy6 feet,3 inches
Matt Duffy6 feet,3 inches
Scott Dunn6 feet,3 inches
Erubiel Durazo6 feet,3 inches
Jayson Durocher6 feet,3 inches
Chris Dwyer6 feet,3 inches
Mike Dyer6 feet,3 inches
Rawly Eastwick6 feet,3 inches
Derrin Ebert6 feet,3 inches
Chris Eddy6 feet,3 inches
John Edelman6 feet,3 inches
Tom Edens6 feet,3 inches
Butch Edge6 feet,3 inches
Carl Edwards6 feet,3 inches
Foster Edwards6 feet,3 inches
Robert Eenhoorn6 feet,3 inches
Wish Egan6 feet,3 inches
Jack Egbert6 feet,3 inches
Howard Ehmke6 feet,3 inches
Dave Eiland6 feet,3 inches
Jake Eisenhart6 feet,3 inches
Seth Elledge6 feet,3 inches
Brian Ellington6 feet,3 inches
Jumbo Elliott6 feet,3 inches
Dock Ellis6 feet,3 inches
Drew Ellis6 feet,3 inches
George Ellison6 feet,3 inches
Dick Ellsworth6 feet,3 inches
Steve Engel6 feet,3 inches
Dave Engle6 feet,3 inches
Jesse English6 feet,3 inches
Barry Enright6 feet,3 inches
Mike Epstein6 feet,3 inches
Roger Erickson6 feet,3 inches
Nick Esasky6 feet,3 inches
Jake Esch6 feet,3 inches
Vaughn Eshelman6 feet,3 inches
Raynel Espinal6 feet,3 inches
Cecil Espy6 feet,3 inches
Uel Eubanks6 feet,3 inches
Sam Ewing6 feet,3 inches
Luis Exposito6 feet,3 inches
Jorge Fabregas6 feet,3 inches
Ed Fallenstein6 feet,3 inches
Bob Fallon6 feet,3 inches
Jeurys Familia6 feet,3 inches
Howard Farmer6 feet,3 inches
Darcy Fast6 feet,3 inches
Jack Faszholz6 feet,3 inches
Andrew Faulkner6 feet,3 inches
Jim Faulkner6 feet,3 inches
Ryan Feierabend6 feet,3 inches
Neftali Feliz6 feet,3 inches
John Felske6 feet,3 inches
Caleb Ferguson6 feet,3 inches
Ramon Fermin6 feet,3 inches
Jose Fernandez6 feet,3 inches
Jose Fernandez6 feet,3 inches
Jose Fernandez6 feet,3 inches
Junior Fernandez6 feet,3 inches
Mark Fidrych6 feet,3 inches
Cecil Fielder6 feet,3 inches
Danny Fife6 feet,3 inches
Stephen Fife6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Fischer6 feet,3 inches
Derek Fisher6 feet,3 inches
Carlton Fisk6 feet,3 inches
John Fitzgerald6 feet,3 inches
Jay Flaa6 feet,3 inches
Ryan Flaherty6 feet,3 inches
Tom Flanigan6 feet,3 inches
John Flannery6 feet,3 inches
Dave Fleming6 feet,3 inches
Chris Flexen6 feet,3 inches
Dee Fondy6 feet,3 inches
Barry Foote6 feet,3 inches
Terry Forster6 feet,3 inches
Howie Fox6 feet,3 inches
Matt Fox6 feet,3 inches
Ryan Franklin6 feet,3 inches
Jeff Frazier6 feet,3 inches
Todd Frazier6 feet,3 inches
Scott Fredrickson6 feet,3 inches
Bill Freehan6 feet,3 inches
Hersh Freeman6 feet,3 inches
Luis Frias6 feet,3 inches
Buck Frierson6 feet,3 inches
Emiliano Fruto6 feet,3 inches
Woodie Fryman6 feet,3 inches
Mike Fuentes6 feet,3 inches
Jim Fuller6 feet,3 inches
Michael Fulmer6 feet,3 inches
Bill Fulton6 feet,3 inches
Kyle Funkhouser6 feet,3 inches
Kason Gabbard6 feet,3 inches
Armando Gabino6 feet,3 inches
Len Gabrielson6 feet,3 inches
Andres Galarraga6 feet,3 inches
Armando Galarraga6 feet,3 inches
Bob Gallagher6 feet,3 inches
Cam Gallagher6 feet,3 inches
Doug Gallagher6 feet,3 inches
Jim Galloway6 feet,3 inches
Bob Gandy6 feet,3 inches
Guillermo Garcia6 feet,3 inches
Jarlin Garcia6 feet,3 inches
Luis Garcia6 feet,3 inches
Onelki Garcia6 feet,3 inches
Reynaldo Garcia6 feet,3 inches
Rony Garcia6 feet,3 inches
Mike Garman6 feet,3 inches
Perci Garner6 feet,3 inches
Adrian Garrett6 feet,3 inches
Jerry Garvin6 feet,3 inches
Ned Garvin6 feet,3 inches
Cito Gaston6 feet,3 inches
Josh Geer6 feet,3 inches
Dave Geisel6 feet,3 inches
Jim Gentile6 feet,3 inches
Oscar Georgy6 feet,3 inches
Bob Geren6 feet,3 inches
Al Gerheauser6 feet,3 inches
Dick Gernert6 feet,3 inches
Al Gettel6 feet,3 inches
Tony Ghelfi6 feet,3 inches
Jason Giambi6 feet,3 inches
Ian Gibaut6 feet,3 inches
Kirk Gibson6 feet,3 inches
Robert Gibson6 feet,3 inches
Jim Gideon6 feet,3 inches
Dan Giese6 feet,3 inches
Buddy Gilbert6 feet,3 inches
Tyler Gilbert6 feet,3 inches
Ken Giles6 feet,3 inches
Geronimo Gil6 feet,3 inches
Jerry Gil6 feet,3 inches
Paul Gillespie6 feet,3 inches
Len Gilmore6 feet,3 inches
Tom Glass6 feet,3 inches
Mike Glavine6 feet,3 inches
Jerry Don Gleaton6 feet,3 inches
John Glenn6 feet,3 inches
Ryan Glynn6 feet,3 inches
Jimmy Gobble6 feet,3 inches
Graham Godfrey6 feet,3 inches
Zack Godley6 feet,3 inches
Erik Goeddel6 feet,3 inches
Jerry Goff6 feet,3 inches
Luiz Gohara6 feet,3 inches
Greg Gohr6 feet,3 inches
Paul Goldschmidt6 feet,3 inches
Stan Goletz6 feet,3 inches
Carlos Gomez6 feet,3 inches
Hector Gomez6 feet,3 inches
Jeanmar Gomez6 feet,3 inches
Tony Gonsolin6 feet,3 inches
Andy Gonzalez6 feet,3 inches
Chi Chi Gonzalez6 feet,3 inches
Erik Gonzalez6 feet,3 inches
Juan Gonzalez6 feet,3 inches
Larry Gonzales6 feet,3 inches
Miguel Gonzalez6 feet,3 inches
Rene Gonzales6 feet,3 inches
Andrew Good6 feet,3 inches
Niko Goodrum6 feet,3 inches
Ed Goodson6 feet,3 inches
Mike Gordon6 feet,3 inches
Rick Gorecki6 feet,3 inches
Bob Gorinski6 feet,3 inches
Nick Gorneault6 feet,3 inches
Tom Gorzelanny6 feet,3 inches
Rich Gossage6 feet,3 inches
Jason Grabowski6 feet,3 inches
Bill Graham6 feet,3 inches
Tommy Gramly6 feet,3 inches
Chad Green6 feet,3 inches
David Green6 feet,3 inches
Gary Green6 feet,3 inches
Grant Green6 feet,3 inches
Hank Greenberg6 feet,3 inches
Brian Greer6 feet,3 inches
Kenny Greer6 feet,3 inches
Luke Gregerson6 feet,3 inches
Hal Gregg6 feet,3 inches
Didi Gregorius6 feet,3 inches
Seth Greisinger6 feet,3 inches
Foster Griffin6 feet,3 inches
Ken Griffey6 feet,3 inches
Tom Griffin6 feet,3 inches
Justin Grimm6 feet,3 inches
Jason Grimsley6 feet,3 inches
Ross Grimsley6 feet,3 inches
Lee Grissom6 feet,3 inches
Marv Grissom6 feet,3 inches
Gabe Gross6 feet,3 inches
Lefty Grove6 feet,3 inches
Orval Grove6 feet,3 inches
Johnny Grubb6 feet,3 inches
Cecilio Guante6 feet,3 inches
Creighton Gubanich6 feet,3 inches
Gabriel Guerrero6 feet,3 inches
Matt Guerrier6 feet,3 inches
Taylor Guerrieri6 feet,3 inches
Vladimir Guerrero6 feet,3 inches
Bill Gullickson6 feet,3 inches
Randy Gumpert6 feet,3 inches
Jandel Gustave6 feet,3 inches
Fernando Abad6 feet,2 inches
Jeff Abbott6 feet,2 inches
Al Aber6 feet,2 inches
Ted Abernathy6 feet,2 inches
Harry Ables6 feet,2 inches
Albert Abreu6 feet,2 inches
Winston Abreu6 feet,2 inches
Alfredo Aceves6 feet,2 inches
Juan Acevedo6 feet,2 inches
Jim Acker6 feet,2 inches
Manny Acta6 feet,2 inches
Bob Adams6 feet,2 inches
David Adams6 feet,2 inches
Karl Adams6 feet,2 inches
Mike Adamson6 feet,2 inches
Ricky Adams6 feet,2 inches
Jim Adduci6 feet,2 inches
Dewey Adkins6 feet,2 inches
Joan Adon6 feet,2 inches
Harry Agganis6 feet,2 inches
Juan Agosto6 feet,2 inches
Dario Agrazal6 feet,2 inches
Nick Ahmed6 feet,2 inches
Darrel Akerfelds6 feet,2 inches
Jack Aker6 feet,2 inches
Gibson Alba6 feet,2 inches
Butch Alberts6 feet,2 inches
Jose Alberro6 feet,2 inches
Israel Alcantara6 feet,2 inches
Victor Alcantara6 feet,2 inches
Bob Alexander6 feet,2 inches
Gary Alexander6 feet,2 inches
Scott Alexander6 feet,2 inches
Tyler Alexander6 feet,2 inches
Austin Allen6 feet,2 inches
Bob Allen6 feet,2 inches
Brandon Allen6 feet,2 inches
Luke Allen6 feet,2 inches
Carlos Almanzar6 feet,2 inches
Erick Almonte6 feet,2 inches
Hector Almonte6 feet,2 inches
Albert Almora6 feet,2 inches
Luis Aloma6 feet,2 inches
Jesus Alou6 feet,2 inches
Garvin Alston6 feet,2 inches
Walter Alston6 feet,2 inches
Abe Alvarez6 feet,2 inches
Dariel Alvarez6 feet,2 inches
Hector Ambriz6 feet,2 inches
Trey Amburgey6 feet,2 inches
Brian Anderson6 feet,2 inches
Craig Anderson6 feet,2 inches
Dave Anderson6 feet,2 inches
Drew Anderson6 feet,2 inches
Fred Anderson6 feet,2 inches
John Anderson6 feet,2 inches
Josh Anderson6 feet,2 inches
Mike Anderson6 feet,2 inches
Rick Anderson6 feet,2 inches
Tanner Anderson6 feet,2 inches
Tyler Anderson6 feet,2 inches
Walter Anderson6 feet,2 inches
Matt Andriese6 feet,2 inches
Fred Andrus6 feet,2 inches
Luis Andujar6 feet,2 inches
Eric Anthony6 feet,2 inches
Dustin Antolin6 feet,2 inches
Kevin Appier6 feet,2 inches
Fred Applegate6 feet,2 inches
Victor Arano6 feet,2 inches
Chris Archer6 feet,2 inches
Dan Ardell6 feet,2 inches
Nolan Arenado6 feet,2 inches
Kohei Arihara6 feet,2 inches
Don Arlich6 feet,2 inches
Robert Armstrong6 feet,2 inches
Shawn Armstrong6 feet,2 inches
Jamie Arnold6 feet,2 inches
Scott Arnold6 feet,2 inches
Fernando Arroyo6 feet,2 inches
Rudy Arroyo6 feet,2 inches
Miguel Asencio6 feet,2 inches
Aaron Ashby6 feet,2 inches
Alan Ashby6 feet,2 inches
Bob Aspromonte6 feet,2 inches
Pedro Astacio6 feet,2 inches
Scott Atchison6 feet,2 inches
Luis Atilano6 feet,2 inches
Garrett Atkins6 feet,2 inches
Dave Augustine6 feet,2 inches
Elden Auker6 feet,2 inches
Tex Aulds6 feet,2 inches
Jim Austin6 feet,2 inches
Tyler Austin6 feet,2 inches
Luis Avilan6 feet,2 inches
Bobby Ayala6 feet,2 inches
Luis Ayala6 feet,2 inches
Mike Bacsik6 feet,2 inches
Mike Bacsik6 feet,2 inches
Dakota Bacus6 feet,2 inches
Fred Baczewski6 feet,2 inches
Sandy Baez6 feet,2 inches
Jim Bagby6 feet,2 inches
Stan Bahnsen6 feet,2 inches
Ed Bailey6 feet,2 inches
Jeff Bailey6 feet,2 inches
Jim Bailey6 feet,2 inches
Scott Bailes6 feet,2 inches
Harold Baines6 feet,2 inches
Dusty Baker6 feet,2 inches
Frank Baker6 feet,2 inches
Jeff Baker6 feet,2 inches
Scott Baker6 feet,2 inches
Paul Bako6 feet,2 inches
Dave Baldwin6 feet,2 inches
Wladimir Balentien6 feet,2 inches
Grant Balfour6 feet,2 inches
Tony Balsamo6 feet,2 inches
Anthony Banda6 feet,2 inches
Jeff Banister6 feet,2 inches
Brian Bannister6 feet,2 inches
Jack Banta6 feet,2 inches
Rod Barajas6 feet,2 inches
Ray Bare6 feet,2 inches
Greg Bargar6 feet,2 inches
Kevin Barker6 feet,2 inches
Richie Barker6 feet,2 inches
Brian Barkley6 feet,2 inches
Joe Barlow6 feet,2 inches
Babe Barna6 feet,2 inches
Brandon Barnes6 feet,2 inches
Charlie Barnes6 feet,2 inches
Frank Barnes6 feet,2 inches
Jacob Barnes6 feet,2 inches
John Barnes6 feet,2 inches
George Barnicle6 feet,2 inches
Ed Barnowski6 feet,2 inches
Daniel Barone6 feet,2 inches
Frank Barrett6 feet,2 inches
Kevin Barry6 feet,2 inches
Joey Bart6 feet,2 inches
Cliff Bartosh6 feet,2 inches
Chris Basak6 feet,2 inches
Jim Baskette6 feet,2 inches
Anthony Bass6 feet,2 inches
Brian Bass6 feet,2 inches
Dick Bass6 feet,2 inches
Del Bates6 feet,2 inches
Bill Bathe6 feet,2 inches
Kevin Batiste6 feet,2 inches
Jim Baumer6 feet,2 inches
George Bausewine6 feet,2 inches
Rafael Bautista6 feet,2 inches
Moose Baxter6 feet,2 inches
Jason Bay6 feet,2 inches
Yorman Bazardo6 feet,2 inches
Shane Baz6 feet,2 inches
Brandon Beachy6 feet,2 inches
Larry Bearnarth6 feet,2 inches
Kevin Bearse6 feet,2 inches
Chris Beasley6 feet,2 inches
Dave Beadle6 feet,2 inches
Blaine Beatty6 feet,2 inches
Jim Beauchamp6 feet,2 inches
Steve Bechler6 feet,2 inches
Boom-Boom Beck6 feet,2 inches
Charlie Becker6 feet,2 inches
Heinz Becker6 feet,2 inches
Matt Beech6 feet,2 inches
Roy Beecher6 feet,2 inches
Tyler Beede6 feet,2 inches
Rick Behenna6 feet,2 inches
Mel Behney6 feet,2 inches
Bo Belinsky6 feet,2 inches
Beau Bell6 feet,2 inches
Derek Bell6 feet,2 inches
Josh Bell6 feet,2 inches
Mike Bell6 feet,2 inches
Trevor Bell6 feet,2 inches
Engel Beltre6 feet,2 inches
Anthony Bemboom6 feet,2 inches
Freddie Benavides6 feet,2 inches
Chief Bender6 feet,2 inches
Yamil Benitez6 feet,2 inches
Stan Benjamin6 feet,2 inches
Wes Benjamin6 feet,2 inches
Erik Bennett6 feet,2 inches
Chad Bentz6 feet,2 inches
Boze Berger6 feet,2 inches
Brad Bergesen6 feet,2 inches
Peter Bergeron6 feet,2 inches
Wally Berger6 feet,2 inches
Dwight Bernard6 feet,2 inches
Roger Bernadina6 feet,2 inches
Walter Bernhardt6 feet,2 inches
Andres Berumen6 feet,2 inches
Herman Besse6 feet,2 inches
Rafael Betancourt6 feet,2 inches
Wilson Betemit6 feet,2 inches
Alec Bettinger6 feet,2 inches
Hal Bevan6 feet,2 inches
Terry Bevington6 feet,2 inches
Brandon Bielak6 feet,2 inches
Cavan Biggio6 feet,2 inches
Larry Biittner6 feet,2 inches
Jim Bilbrey6 feet,2 inches
Brent Billingsley6 feet,2 inches
Kurt Birkins6 feet,2 inches
Charlie Bishop6 feet,2 inches
Mike Bishop6 feet,2 inches
George Bjorkman6 feet,2 inches
Buddy Black6 feet,2 inches
Dave Black6 feet,2 inches
Joe Black6 feet,2 inches
Carson Blair6 feet,2 inches
Casey Blake6 feet,2 inches
Tony Blanco6 feet,2 inches
Matt Blank6 feet,2 inches
Travis Blankenhorn6 feet,2 inches
Curt Blefary6 feet,2 inches
Jeremy Bleich6 feet,2 inches
Terry Blocker6 feet,2 inches
Ben Blomdahl6 feet,2 inches
Mike Blowers6 feet,2 inches
Jim Bluejacket6 feet,2 inches
Charlie Boardman6 feet,2 inches
Brett Bochy6 feet,2 inches
Randy Bockus6 feet,2 inches
George Boehler6 feet,2 inches
Brian Boehringer6 feet,2 inches
Xander Bogaerts6 feet,2 inches
John Bogart6 feet,2 inches
Tim Bogar6 feet,2 inches
Tommy Boggs6 feet,2 inches
Wade Boggs6 feet,2 inches
Brian Bohanon6 feet,2 inches
Bruce Boisclair6 feet,2 inches
Bob Boken6 feet,2 inches
Ronald Bolanos6 feet,2 inches
Charlie Bold6 feet,2 inches
Jim Bolger6 feet,2 inches
Rod Bolton6 feet,2 inches
Tom Bolton6 feet,2 inches
Skye Bolt6 feet,2 inches
Tiny Bonham6 feet,2 inches
Aaron Boone6 feet,2 inches
Bob Boone6 feet,2 inches
Dan Boone6 feet,2 inches
Pedro Borbon6 feet,2 inches
Pat Borders6 feet,2 inches
Paul Boris6 feet,2 inches
Frank Bork6 feet,2 inches
Joe Borowski6 feet,2 inches
J. C. Boscan6 feet,2 inches
Wilfredo Boscan6 feet,2 inches
Dick Bosman6 feet,2 inches
Derek Botelho6 feet,2 inches
Carl Bouldin6 feet,2 inches
Rob Bowen6 feet,2 inches
Cedrick Bowers6 feet,2 inches
Frank Bowerman6 feet,2 inches
Joe Bowman6 feet,2 inches
Zach Braddock6 feet,2 inches
Bill Bradford6 feet,2 inches
Vic Bradford6 feet,2 inches
Tom Bradley6 feet,2 inches
George Bradshaw6 feet,2 inches
Joe Bradshaw6 feet,2 inches
Jim Brady6 feet,2 inches
Erv Brame6 feet,2 inches
Bucky Brandon6 feet,2 inches
Cliff Brantley6 feet,2 inches
Michael Brantley6 feet,2 inches
Ryan Braun6 feet,2 inches
Ben Braymer6 feet,2 inches
Al Brazle6 feet,2 inches
Jim Breazeale6 feet,2 inches
Hal Breeden6 feet,2 inches
Sam Brenegan6 feet,2 inches
Bob Brenly6 feet,2 inches
Jim Brenneman6 feet,2 inches
Marv Breuer6 feet,2 inches
Jack Brewer6 feet,2 inches
Reid Brignac6 feet,2 inches
Brad Brink6 feet,2 inches
Socrates Brito6 feet,2 inches
Drake Britton6 feet,2 inches
Lance Broadway6 feet,2 inches
Ernie Broglio6 feet,2 inches
Rico Brogna6 feet,2 inches
Ben Broussard6 feet,2 inches
Dan Brouthers6 feet,2 inches
Frank Brower6 feet,2 inches
Jim Brower6 feet,2 inches
Alton Brown6 feet,2 inches
Barret Browning6 feet,2 inches
Bobby Brown6 feet,2 inches
Byron Browne6 feet,2 inches
Dick Brown6 feet,2 inches
Emil Brown6 feet,2 inches
Hal Brown6 feet,2 inches
Jake Brown6 feet,2 inches
Jamie Brown6 feet,2 inches
Jophery Brown6 feet,2 inches
Kevin Brown6 feet,2 inches
Mark Brown6 feet,2 inches
Mark Brownson6 feet,2 inches
Mike Brown6 feet,2 inches
Mike Brown6 feet,2 inches
Ollie Brown6 feet,2 inches
Scott Brown6 feet,2 inches
Stub Brown6 feet,2 inches
Trevor Brown6 feet,2 inches
William Brown6 feet,2 inches
Bill Brubaker6 feet,2 inches
Earle Brucker6 feet,2 inches
Justin Bruihl6 feet,2 inches
Cliff Brumbaugh6 feet,2 inches
Clay Bryant6 feet,2 inches
Ralph Bryant6 feet,2 inches
Jess Buckles6 feet,2 inches
Billy Buckner6 feet,2 inches
Travis Buck6 feet,2 inches
Mark Budzinski6 feet,2 inches
Steve Buechele6 feet,2 inches
Walker Buehler6 feet,2 inches
Mark Buehrle6 feet,2 inches
Jay Buente6 feet,2 inches
Bob Buhl6 feet,2 inches
Ryan Bukvich6 feet,2 inches
Scott Bullett6 feet,2 inches
Jim Bullinger6 feet,2 inches
Kirk Bullinger6 feet,2 inches
Nate Bump6 feet,2 inches
Wally Bunker6 feet,2 inches
Lew Burdette6 feet,2 inches
Jake Burger6 feet,2 inches
Elmer Burkart6 feet,2 inches
John Burkett6 feet,2 inches
Steve Burke6 feet,2 inches
Ellis Burks6 feet,2 inches
Andy Burns6 feet,2 inches
Bill Burns6 feet,2 inches
Pete Burnside6 feet,2 inches
Todd Burns6 feet,2 inches
Beau Burrows6 feet,2 inches
Steve Busby6 feet,2 inches
Dave Bush6 feet,2 inches
Jack Bushelman6 feet,2 inches
Nick Buss6 feet,2 inches
Max Butcher6 feet,2 inches
Adam Butler6 feet,2 inches
Bill Butler6 feet,2 inches
Eddie Butler6 feet,2 inches
Joey Butler6 feet,2 inches
Tom Butters6 feet,2 inches
Byron Buxton6 feet,2 inches
John Buzhardt6 feet,2 inches
Bud Byerly6 feet,2 inches
Randy Byers6 feet,2 inches
Eric Byrnes6 feet,2 inches
Alex Cabrera6 feet,2 inches
Genesis Cabrera6 feet,2 inches
Jolbert Cabrera6 feet,2 inches
Hick Cady6 feet,2 inches
Lorenzo Cain6 feet,2 inches
Ray Caldwell6 feet,2 inches
Jeff Calhoun6 feet,2 inches
Jamie Callahan6 feet,2 inches
Joe Callahan6 feet,2 inches
Mickey Callaway6 feet,2 inches
Fred Cambria6 feet,2 inches
Daz Cameron6 feet,2 inches
Mike Cameron6 feet,2 inches
Kevin Campbell6 feet,2 inches
Sal Campisi6 feet,2 inches
Leonel Campos6 feet,2 inches
Mark Canha6 feet,2 inches
Griffin Canning6 feet,2 inches
Ozzie Canseco6 feet,2 inches
Russ Canzler6 feet,2 inches
Matt Capps6 feet,2 inches
Chris Capuano6 feet,2 inches
Matt Carasiti6 feet,2 inches
Dylan Carlson6 feet,2 inches
Roy Carlyle6 feet,2 inches
Rafael Carmona6 feet,2 inches
Lew Carpenter6 feet,2 inches
Giovanni Carrara6 feet,2 inches
Hector Carrasco6 feet,2 inches
Charlie Carr6 feet,2 inches
Joel Carreno6 feet,2 inches
Don Carrithers6 feet,2 inches
Lew Carr6 feet,2 inches
Dick Carroll6 feet,2 inches
Matt Carson6 feet,2 inches
Gary Carter6 feet,2 inches
Curt Casali6 feet,2 inches
Jerry Casale6 feet,2 inches
Carl Cashion6 feet,2 inches
Jack Cassel6 feet,2 inches
Scott Cassidy6 feet,2 inches
Alberto Castillo6 feet,2 inches
Carlos Castillo6 feet,2 inches
Luis Castillo6 feet,2 inches
Anthony Castro6 feet,2 inches
Starlin Castro6 feet,2 inches
Mike Cather6 feet,2 inches
Dylan Cease6 feet,2 inches
Gavin Cecchini6 feet,2 inches
Brett Cecil6 feet,2 inches
Cesar Cedeno6 feet,2 inches
Orlando Cepeda6 feet,2 inches
Matthew Cepicky6 feet,2 inches
John Cerutti6 feet,2 inches
Ray Chadwick6 feet,2 inches
Andrew Chafin6 feet,2 inches
Rome Chambers6 feet,2 inches
Wes Chamberlain6 feet,2 inches
Bob Chance6 feet,2 inches
Ed Chandler6 feet,2 inches
Darrel Chaney6 feet,2 inches
Travis Chapman6 feet,2 inches
Bill Chappelle6 feet,2 inches
Joe Charboneau6 feet,2 inches
Mike Chartak6 feet,2 inches
Pete Charton6 feet,2 inches
Ken Chase6 feet,2 inches
Dave Cheadle6 feet,2 inches
Bruce Chen6 feet,2 inches
Scott Chiamparino6 feet,2 inches
Floyd Chiffer6 feet,2 inches
Rocky Childress6 feet,2 inches
Bob Chipman6 feet,2 inches
Yonny Chirinos6 feet,2 inches
Lonnie Chisenhall6 feet,2 inches
Harry Chiti6 feet,2 inches
Loyd Christopher6 feet,2 inches
Vinnie Chulk6 feet,2 inches
Pete Cimino6 feet,2 inches
Alex Cintron6 feet,2 inches
Jeff Cirillo6 feet,2 inches
Aaron Civale6 feet,2 inches
Preston Claiborne6 feet,2 inches
Bill Clancy6 feet,2 inches
Bryan Clark6 feet,2 inches
Brady Clark6 feet,2 inches
Dave Clark6 feet,2 inches
Doug Clark6 feet,2 inches
Jack Clark6 feet,2 inches
Rickey Clark6 feet,2 inches
Terry Clark6 feet,2 inches
Will Clark6 feet,2 inches
Emmanuel Clase6 feet,2 inches
Brandon Claussen6 feet,2 inches
Lance Clemons6 feet,2 inches
Al Closter6 feet,2 inches
Jason Coats6 feet,2 inches
Dave Cochrane6 feet,2 inches
Alan Cockrell6 feet,2 inches
Dick Coffman6 feet,2 inches
Kevin Coffman6 feet,2 inches
Tony Cogan6 feet,2 inches
Frank Coggins6 feet,2 inches
Nate Colbert6 feet,2 inches
Alex Cole6 feet,2 inches
Dave Cole6 feet,2 inches
Dick Cole6 feet,2 inches
Bob Coleman6 feet,2 inches
Dusty Coleman6 feet,2 inches
Ed Coleman6 feet,2 inches
Joe Coleman6 feet,2 inches
Rip Coleman6 feet,2 inches
Don Collins6 feet,2 inches
Jesus Colome6 feet,2 inches
Cris Colon6 feet,2 inches
Geoff Combe6 feet,2 inches
Jim Command6 feet,2 inches
Dave Concepcion6 feet,2 inches
Gerardo Concepcion6 feet,2 inches
Bob Cone6 feet,2 inches
Hank Conger6 feet,2 inches
Joe Connor6 feet,2 inches
Merv Connors6 feet,2 inches
Nardi Contreras6 feet,2 inches
Jerry Conway6 feet,2 inches
Andy Cooper6 feet,2 inches
Cal Cooper6 feet,2 inches
Cecil Cooper6 feet,2 inches
Mort Cooper6 feet,2 inches
Ray Corbin6 feet,2 inches
Tim Corcoran6 feet,2 inches
Wil Cordero6 feet,2 inches
Mark Corey6 feet,2 inches
Mark Corey6 feet,2 inches
Terry Cornutt6 feet,2 inches
Carlos Corporan6 feet,2 inches
Ed Correa6 feet,2 inches
Mike Costanzo6 feet,2 inches
Henry Cotto6 feet,2 inches
Neal Cotts6 feet,2 inches
John Courtright6 feet,2 inches
Ryan Court6 feet,2 inches
Chet Covington6 feet,2 inches
Glenn Cox6 feet,2 inches
Red Cox6 feet,2 inches
Rickey Cradle6 feet,2 inches
Molly Craft6 feet,2 inches
Howard Craghead6 feet,2 inches
Allen Craig6 feet,2 inches
Doc Cramer6 feet,2 inches
Tyler Cravy6 feet,2 inches
Carl Crawford6 feet,2 inches
Evan Crawford6 feet,2 inches
J. P. Crawford6 feet,2 inches
George Creamer6 feet,2 inches
Keith Creel6 feet,2 inches
Jerry Crider6 feet,2 inches
Dode Criss6 feet,2 inches
Claude Crocker6 feet,2 inches
Kyle Crockett6 feet,2 inches
D. T. Cromer6 feet,2 inches
Tripp Cromer6 feet,2 inches
Chris Cron6 feet,2 inches
Ray Crone6 feet,2 inches
Ed Crosby6 feet,2 inches
Ken Crosby6 feet,2 inches
George Crowe6 feet,2 inches
Wil Crowe6 feet,2 inches
Woody Crowson6 feet,2 inches
Francisco Cruceta6 feet,2 inches
Juan Cruz6 feet,2 inches
Nelson Cruz6 feet,2 inches
Rhiner Cruz6 feet,2 inches
Darwin Cubillan6 feet,2 inches
Michael Cuddyer6 feet,2 inches
Noel Cuevas6 feet,2 inches
William Cuevas6 feet,2 inches
George Culver6 feet,2 inches
Steve Cummings6 feet,2 inches
Brandon Cumpton6 feet,2 inches
Cliff Curtis6 feet,2 inches
John D'Acquisto6 feet,2 inches
John Dagenhard6 feet,2 inches
David Dahl6 feet,2 inches
Hugh Daily6 feet,2 inches
Bruce Dal Canton6 feet,2 inches
Carl Dale6 feet,2 inches
Matt Daley6 feet,2 inches
Johnny Damon6 feet,2 inches
Chuck Daniel6 feet,2 inches
Jamie D'Antona6 feet,2 inches
Babe Danzig6 feet,2 inches
Cliff Dapper6 feet,2 inches
Travis d'Arnaud6 feet,2 inches
James Darnell6 feet,2 inches
Logan Darnell6 feet,2 inches
Jack Darragh6 feet,2 inches
Bobby Darwin6 feet,2 inches
Bob Daughters6 feet,2 inches
Darren Daulton6 feet,2 inches
Mike Davey6 feet,2 inches
Mark Davidson6 feet,2 inches
Tucker Davidson6 feet,2 inches
Curt Davis6 feet,2 inches
Eric Davis6 feet,2 inches
Mike Davis6 feet,2 inches
Tod Davis6 feet,2 inches
Tommy Davis6 feet,2 inches
Willie Davis6 feet,2 inches
Ronnie Dawson6 feet,2 inches
Grant Dayton6 feet,2 inches
Yonathan Daza6 feet,2 inches
Dizzy Dean6 feet,2 inches
Dennis DeBarr6 feet,2 inches
Doug DeCinces6 feet,2 inches
Jeff Dedmon6 feet,2 inches
Arturo DeFreites6 feet,2 inches
Mike DeGerick6 feet,2 inches
Brett de Geus6 feet,2 inches
Kory DeHaan6 feet,2 inches
Greg Deichmann6 feet,2 inches
Jim Deidel6 feet,2 inches
Mike DeJean6 feet,2 inches
Jordan De Jong6 feet,2 inches
Bryan De La Cruz6 feet,2 inches
Roland de la Maza6 feet,2 inches
Rob Delaney6 feet,2 inches
Manny Delcarmen6 feet,2 inches
Jose De Leon6 feet,2 inches
Flame Delhi6 feet,2 inches
Jason Dellaero6 feet,2 inches
Abel De Los Santos6 feet,2 inches
Fautino De Los Santos6 feet,2 inches
Luis de los Santos6 feet,2 inches
Valerio De Los Santos6 feet,2 inches
Enerio Del Rosario6 feet,2 inches
Don DeMola6 feet,2 inches
Ryan Dempster6 feet,2 inches
Matt den Dekker6 feet,2 inches
Kyle Denney6 feet,2 inches
Don Dennis6 feet,2 inches
Joe Depastino6 feet,2 inches
Tony DePhillips6 feet,2 inches
Anthony DeSclafani6 feet,2 inches
Reid Detmers6 feet,2 inches
Jeff DeWillis6 feet,2 inches
Juan Diaz6 feet,2 inches
Mike Diaz6 feet,2 inches
Yandy Diaz6 feet,2 inches
Alex Dickerson6 feet,2 inches
George Dickey6 feet,2 inches
Emerson Dickman6 feet,2 inches
George Diehl6 feet,2 inches
Phillip Diehl6 feet,2 inches
Derek Dietrich6 feet,2 inches
Mark DiFelice6 feet,2 inches
Mike Difelice6 feet,2 inches
Reese Diggs6 feet,2 inches
Martin Dihigo6 feet,2 inches
Jack DiLauro6 feet,2 inches
Bill Dillman6 feet,2 inches
Joe Dillon6 feet,2 inches
Joe DiMaggio6 feet,2 inches
Lenny DiNardo6 feet,2 inches
Vance Dinges6 feet,2 inches
Jerry Dipoto6 feet,2 inches
Alec Distaso6 feet,2 inches
Art Ditmar6 feet,2 inches
Brandon Dixon6 feet,2 inches
Sonny Dixon6 feet,2 inches
John Dobb6 feet,2 inches
Joe Dobson6 feet,2 inches
Kyle Dohy6 feet,2 inches
Juan Dominguez6 feet,2 inches
Matt Dominguez6 feet,2 inches
Pete Donohue6 feet,2 inches
Bill Donovan6 feet,2 inches
Tom Donovan6 feet,2 inches
Sean Doolittle6 feet,2 inches
Charlie Dorman6 feet,2 inches
Danny Dorn6 feet,2 inches
Jim Dorsey6 feet,2 inches
Felix Doubront6 feet,2 inches
Patsy Dougherty6 feet,2 inches
John Douglas6 feet,2 inches
Whammy Douglas6 feet,2 inches
Camilo Doval6 feet,2 inches
Dave Dowling6 feet,2 inches
Scott Downs6 feet,2 inches
Cory Doyne6 feet,2 inches
Tom Dozier6 feet,2 inches
Kyle Drabek6 feet,2 inches
Kelly Dransfeldt6 feet,2 inches
Mike Draper6 feet,2 inches
Darren Dreifort6 feet,2 inches
Bill Drescher6 feet,2 inches
Brandon Drury6 feet,2 inches
Rob Ducey6 feet,2 inches
Brandon Duckworth6 feet,2 inches
Matt Duffy6 feet,2 inches
Elijah Dukes6 feet,2 inches
Tom Dukes6 feet,2 inches
Zach Duke6 feet,2 inches
Phil Dumatrait6 feet,2 inches
Tom Dunbar6 feet,2 inches
Dave Duncan6 feet,2 inches
Jeff Duncan6 feet,2 inches
Davy Dunkle6 feet,2 inches
Grant Dunlap6 feet,2 inches
Steve Dunning6 feet,2 inches
Justin Dunn6 feet,2 inches
Jarren Duran6 feet,2 inches
Mike Durant6 feet,2 inches
Chad Durbin6 feet,2 inches
Ryne Duren6 feet,2 inches
Rich Durning6 feet,2 inches
Erv Dusak6 feet,2 inches
Jerry Dybzinski6 feet,2 inches
Jim Dyck6 feet,2 inches
Ryan Eades6 feet,2 inches
Howard Earl6 feet,2 inches
Carl East6 feet,2 inches
Hugh East6 feet,2 inches
John Easton6 feet,2 inches
Adam Eaton6 feet,2 inches
Vallie Eaves6 feet,2 inches
Harry Eccles6 feet,2 inches
Dennis Eckersley6 feet,2 inches
Steve Eddy6 feet,2 inches
Bill Edgerton6 feet,2 inches
Steve Edlefsen6 feet,2 inches
Brian Edmondson6 feet,2 inches
Doc Edwards6 feet,2 inches
James Edwards6 feet,2 inches
Scott Effross6 feet,2 inches
Bruce Egloff6 feet,2 inches