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8 team NL summary for 1910

Team NameYearLeagueGamesWinsLossesW-L%ParkAttendance
Chicago Cubs1910NL154104500.675West Side Park II526,152
New York Giants1910NL15591630.591Polo Grounds III511,785
Pittsburgh Pirates1910NL15486670.562Forbes Field436,586
Philadelphia Phillies1910NL15778750.510Baker Bowl296,597
Cincinnati Reds1910NL15675790.487Palace of the Fans380,622
Brooklyn Superbas1910NL15664900.416Washington Park III279,321
St. Louis Cardinals1910NL15363900.412Robison Field355,668
Boston Doves1910NL157531000.346South End Grounds III149,027

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