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25 MLB Players deceased in Tulsa, OK

#PlayerDate of Death
1.Jerry Adair5/31/1987
2.Herb Adams2/1/2012
3.Bob Anderson3/12/2015
4.Jack Bradley3/18/1969
5.Bill Breckinridge8/23/1958
6.Dennis Burns5/21/1969
7.Cal Crum7/7/1945
8.Cal Emery11/28/2010
9.Roy Foster3/21/2008
10.Howie Gregory5/30/1970
11.Jack Killilay10/21/1968
12.Ed Klepfer8/9/1950
13.John McCarty8/20/1942
14.Mel McGaha2/3/2002
15.Larry Milton5/15/1942
16.Dale Mitchell1/5/1987
17.Carl Morton4/12/1983
18.Jim Oglesby9/1/1955
19.Roy Parker5/17/1954
20.Tony Rego1/6/1978
21.Doc Reisling3/4/1955
22.Jim Shilling9/12/1986
23.Tommy Warren1/2/1968
24.Charlie Wheatley12/10/1982
25.Al Widmar10/15/2005

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