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26 MLB Players deceased in Worcester, MA

#PlayerDate of Death
1.John Anderson7/23/1949
2.Bill Bergen12/19/1943
3.Frank Bird5/20/1958
4.Hugh Bradley1/26/1949
5.Kitty Bransfield5/1/1947
6.Freeman Brown12/27/1916
7.Billy Burke2/9/1967
8.Jesse Burkett5/27/1953
9.Pat Carney1/9/1953
10.Ralph Carroll6/27/1983
11.Doc Curley9/23/1920
12.William Gallagher3/11/1950
13.Joe Giard7/10/1956
14.Billy Hamilton12/15/1940
15.Art LaVigne7/18/1950
16.Henry Lynch11/23/1925
17.Chippy McGarr6/6/1904
18.Jo-Jo Morrissey5/2/1950
19.Con Murphy8/1/1914
20.Pat Murphy5/16/1927
21.Tom O'Brien4/21/1921
22.Bill Rodgers5/13/2002
23.Marty Shay2/20/1951
24.General Stafford9/18/1923
25.John Stafford7/3/1940
26.Irv Waldron7/22/1944

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