Player Vitals for Mike Trout

BirthDateBirthplaceHeightWeightBMIBatsThrowsDebutFinal GameSchoolDeathDateDeathplace
WedAug 71991Vineland, NJ6'2''23530.17RightRightJul 82011Oct 52022   

Awards Mike Trout

YearLeagueAwardAwarded for
2012ALSilver SluggerOF
2012ALRookie of the Year
2013ALSilver SluggerOF
2014ALAll-Star Game MVP
2014ALHank Aaron Award
2014ALMost Valuable Player
2014ALSilver SluggerOF
2015ALAll-Star Game MVP
2015ALSilver SluggerOF
2016ALTSN All-StarOF
2016ALMost Valuable Player
2016ALSilver SluggerOF
2017ALTSN All-StarOF
2018ALSilver SluggerOF
2018ALTSN All-StarOF
2019ALMost Valuable Player
2019ALHank Aaron Award
2019ALSilver SluggerOF
2019ALTSN All-StarOF
2020ALSilver SluggerOF
2020ALTSN All-StarOF
2022ALTSN All-StarOF
2022ALSilver SluggerOF

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